Best Low Wattage Space Heaters For Home and Office

Having a space heater with you at home is always going to favor you on those cold breezy days. There are many options you can try for keeping yourself warm at home and one of them is using a central heating system.

Now if we look at heaters many different kinds of heaters are available in the market and they are all good at keeping us warm but the most efficient heater is an electrical heater. These heaters use electricity for power and they are working by using convection heat or infrared radiation that help them heating the place and keeping it warm.

Space heaters come with their own set of advantages and they are also very useful, however, they also have some drawbacks. There are various varieties and types of space heaters present in the market and they have different features.

The biggest fear of using an electric heater is the maximization of electrical bills and due to this they are faced with a question of how to reduce these bills while using a space heater, all you need to do is get a heater with a low wattage for your personal use. These low wattage heaters are capable of performing well and they are also energy efficient.

They might not be capable of heating the whole area or room but they are still good enough for use by one of two-person so they perfectly fit in for home and office uses. Even with low wattage, there are a tremendous amount of options available to select from.

They operate mostly on electricity, kerosene, or gas. They are beneficial and supportive. Some devices can be used for a short time to warm up areas in a house or a bed. Technologies have seen tremendous growth, and we have seen significant trials and attempts over the last decade to invent ever more methods of space heating. This has contributed to the development of electric and gas-type space heaters. Electricity or certain types of fuel, including kerosene and wood pellets, are used for these heaters and can easily heat confined spaces.

Today we are going to learn about the best low wattage space heaters. I have prepared a list of the Best 10 low wattage space heaters. I will also discuss a buying guide for space heaters along with this. The pros and cons of space heaters are also mentioned for you to provide a better understanding of space heaters.

Honeywell HCE100B Heat Bud Ceramic Personal Heater

This ceramic heater from Honeywell is very energy-efficient so while using this one you won’t have to keep track of electricity usage. This is a very well designed heater that performs as it should and as expected from it.

This is a 250 watts heater which is good for personal use. It can easily deliver a sufficient amount of heat for one person. The ceramic technology present with this heater is the one that makes the performance better. This excellent heater is capable of delivering fast heating which makes it suitable enough for home and office use. It has got a simple and compact design.

You also get two different heat settings so you can choose from 170 to 250 watts and switch as per your requirements. This is a very simple-to-use heater and has a single on and off button. You also get a tip-over switch so that it shuts off accidentally tipping over the heater. You also get a caution light that indicates the heater is working or not. This heater is designed using flame-resistant materials which make it very robust. The exterior is also cool to touch.


  • There are two heat settings available for managing energy
  • Robust design
  • Cool to touch exterior
  • Made using flame-resistant materials


  • You don’t get a thermostat and other safety features

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AmazonBasics 500-Watt Ceramic Personal Heater

This product from Amazon basic is a very compact one which is great for personal use. You can place it on a desk for heating your hands and inside the table to provide warmth to your feet.

With this heater, you get a PTC ceramic coil that helps the heater to generate heat quickly as this coil heats very fast. This makes it possible for the heater to supply heat conveniently and swiftly. This heater is lightweight and also very portable due to its design. You get a choice of four different colors to choose from so that you can add them to your office or home. This product is designed in such a way that even if you use it very close to your body the operation will be smooth and safe.

The heater has got a sturdy base which makes sure that it stays stable while working and doesn’t tip over. However, even after this, the heater in any case gets tipped over then you also get tip-over protection. This will turn the heater off in case it accidentally tips over.


  • You get 4 different color options for matching it to your decor
  • It is very compact and lightweight
  • You get ceramic coils that are energy efficient and heats quickly
  • Very durable


  • The metal grills can get very hot which are present in the front

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Lasko 100 MyHeat Personal Ceramic Heater

This is a very impressive model offered by Lasko. This is one of the best low wattage heaters with a 200 Watt capacity. It is the best choice for heating your personal space.

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You can use this heater for a variety of different purposes like you can keep it under the table to keep your feet warm or on the desk to keep your hands feel the warmth while you are working. The one thing to keep in mind is that this Heater can’t warm up a room. It can be used for personal uses though. You can place it on your nightstand while you are relaxing. If you thought that the first-mentioned heater was small and compact then this one’s even smaller.

It features a footprint of 4 × 4 inches. This is the most compact heater with a very lightweight. This heater is pre-assembled so you won’t have to waste another second putting the parts together. All you need to do is take it out from the box and plug it in to enjoy the heat. This is a very energy-efficient heater that will save a lot of energy for you. It only requires 2 amperes and this heater is also very easy to use. It only has a single switch for on and off.

This is a very safe product that is ETL certified and it comes in 4 different colors. You can select from these colors that suit your place. The manufacturer also backs this product with a warranty of 3 years.


  • Very safe and simple to use
  • ETL certified
  • It is very portable and compact
  • Saves a lot of energy
  • The plastic exterior is cool to touch
  • Automatic protection from overheating


  • It doesn’t have tip-over protection
  • You need to keep it close to you

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Brightown Mini desk heater

Making it to our list is this compact but powerful heater. This is a very good product that has provided a very good performance to the users in the past.

This is a 400 Watt heater which is powerful enough to provide warmth to the whole room easily and quickly. It is one of the best and top sold heaters in the market. This Heater won’t overload the circuit or trip the circuit breaker and cut the power off from the whole house. This Heater is the best for spaces less than 100 sq feet. It is suitable for home and office usage so this is the best heater to be on this list. This is a very quiet heater so you won’t have to worry about it disturbing your sleeping schedules.

This heater comes with a single switch for on and off, this is located on the backside. There’s a red glow seen whenever the device is turned on. The dimensions of the heater are 6.3 × 3.15 × 6.3 inches. This is a very compact and lightweight heater that can be easily moved from one room to another. There is a bright orange finish to this unit which can be easily seen.

The best thing about its heater and the USP is the price tag. It is one of the most affordable heaters and if you are low on budget then this one won’t disappoint you. The price tag doesn’t affect the performance as it is also a very durable and performance-oriented product. You also get a long cord which is 5.5 feet long. This is also a good thing as it is much longer than the other heaters. It has an automatic shut-off and tip-off feature for safety. The manufacturer also provides a warranty of 1 year with this heater.


  • It is ETL certified
  • The construction is very sturdy and attractive
  • This is a very silent heater
  • Produces a good amount of heat
  • Affordable price tag


  • There are no settings for controlling heat
  • No thermostat present

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Optimus H-5511 Infrared Quartz Heater

This is a very well designed and energy-efficient product. It is a very useful product that provides good warmth.

This heater features two wattage settings. This is because you can choose according to your convenience. You can set the heater on 400 watts or 800 Watts as per your requirements. To be honest I’m not a very big fan of the appearance of this heater as this is a retro design heater which might be appealing to some people. The best thing to be kept in mind is the performance that this heater offers. This heater is capable of keeping a medium-sized spacious room warm easily. The heat balance is good for all the parts of the room.

This Heater is not certified by ETL but it has many safety features. These features include tip-over protection, the exterior is cool to touch, the thermal cutoff for overheating. This is a fairly lightweight and very portable heater but still, it’s not as compact as other products. This heater has got a dimension of 12.5 × 12.5 × 6.25 inches which is good enough for storage. The best thing is that it uses infrared technology for providing heat.

This space heater offered by Optimus is very quiet while it works and probably the quietest space heater on this list.


  • There are two different settings for heating
  • There are many safety features
  • The heat distribution is well managed
  • Very quiet while operating
  • Heats the room quickly


  • The design is retro and old fashioned

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Opolar 500 Watt Ceramic Mini Low Wattage Space Heater

This is yet another heater that has impressed me. It has a very power-packed performance and good features. This is a compact and lightweight heater, exactly what you are looking for.

This has a good power and heat output which will provide warmth to small spaces easily. This heater also has a thermostat that regulates the temperature and helps in saving money. The thermostat is very good and works well in this heater. The Opolar 500 Watt heater uses ceramic technology for heating which is very good and quickly heats the room. This heater has a fan for heat distribution and it does the job well.

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Even after having a fan, this heater works silently. This is a very simple and safe heater and it is also certified with ETL safety standards. The price tag is also reasonable. It has overheating protection features that turn the device off when the heater starts overheating. It also has tip-over protection and it also turns the heater off when the heater gets tipped accidentally.

This reliable and durable heater is light in weight and also very compact. It offers excellent results and has got the dimensions of 4.6 × 6 × 3.3 inches. The weight of this heater is just 2 pounds so you can easily move it.


  • Lightweight, compact and durable
  • It has a built-in thermostat
  • Heats the room quickly
  • Good features for safety


  • It’s too small

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Iseebiz Ceramic Space Heater

This is a ceramic heater that is capable of more than just warming your feet. This is a very useful heater. It has a compact design but offers very good performance. It has a very attractive and peasant design that can easily fit in with your interiors.

It has a fan that helps in distributing wind. This ceramic space heater can supply warm wind through a 45-degree oscillating fan. In this way, it can easily heat your personal space and provide enough warmth to you. It is also good to reach wider areas in the room. It does not use a hot spiral or open fire, but PTC ceramic oil supplies hot air as soon as possible.

You also get an option to switch to natural winds if that is what you want. This heater is designed in such a way that it ensures complete safety. It has got a strong base that is stable enough to protect the heater from tipping over. In case it does tip over you also get tip-over protection to prevent any further damages. The materials that are used for the construction of this heater are flame resistant making this a very durable option. You also get a built-in thermostat.


  • Backed with an oscillating fan
  • It has a stylish design to add beauty to your room
  • A natural wind mode is available
  • Builtin Thermostat
  • Mode for fast heating


  • You might notice some amount of plastic smell

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VersionTECH Small Space Heater

This heater offered by VersionTECH is a compact product that is designed for providing convenience to the users. It is capable of delivering enough and comfortable warmth on a cold breezy day.

This heater has grabbed our attention due to its performance and the number of safety features this small and compact heater offers. It is good enough for the price tag. While the wattage is higher than many of the others on this list. It is still one of the best compact heaters and has different modes to select from for saving electricity. You get a 450 watts mode with this and the highest can go up to 950 watts. You also get a natural wind mode if you prefer that.

If you want to know which mode you are using then you get different colors of lights that indicate which mode you are currently using. This heater also uses PTC ceramic which means it can provide fast heating. The materials that are used for the construction make this heater flame resistant and it is very safe to use. You get safety features like overheat protection and tip-over protection for preventing any hazards. This is a very portable feature with a handle to lift it.


  • It provides quick heating
  • You get 3 modes for heat settings
  • It has many safety features
  • Fame resistant exterior
  • Very safe and simple to use


  • Highly-priced when compared to others on this list
  • No thermostat present

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Kloudic Ceramic Space Heater

This is also one efficient heater and we would never have missed this one. It uses PTC ceramic technology for heating. This means it can provide warmth very quickly.

You get two heating options available with this heater that are 500 Watt more for regular wind and 600 watts mode that is energy-saving that helps in supplying comfortable, good warmth. This heater has an interesting feature which is known as wide-angle oscillation that you can control by the swing button that helps the heater to distribute the heat along with the room.

The heater is shaped in a race track style which adds beauty to the product and it can fit in most of the decors and interiors. The heater is very good in terms of performance and very convenient for the users. It also features a light indicator that shows when the heater is working. There is a grill that is removable so you can properly clean it. It is very portable.


  • It is very lightweight making it very portable and easy to carry
  • Provides fast heating
  • Aesthetic design
  • Very functional


  • No controls to adjust the heat

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MroTech Ceramic Space Heater

This is a ceramic space heater that has got three modes to work on. It is a very reliable and safe heater that performs as it should and it can outdo your expectations.

You get a low heat setting which is 450 Watts and the highest heat settings can reach up to 950 Watts. You can also use the natural wind mode which only works by using 30 Watts. It is an energy-efficient heater that one should consider buying. You also get indicators that define if the heater is working or not and which mode is currently being used.

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This heater has got PTC ceramic elements which makes it very easy for the heater to quickly heat. It has in-built protection for overheating so that it doesn’t get too hot. You also get non-slip pads on the base that help to hold the heater at a place and ensure stability. There are lifting handle holes at the back which makes it easy for the users to carry this heater.

The best thing about this heater is how silently it operates. The heater also features a swing function and this is set at 60 degrees that helps to distribute heat all over the area.


  • There are adjustable heat mode
  • The base is stable and it has non slip pads
  • Very portable
  • Silent operation


  • At 950 Watts the wattage is too high compared to others

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Buying guide for the best low wattage space heaters

When you will visit the market for buying a low-wattage space heater you will come to know that many brands are offering a large number of products and they are all best at what they do.

You get a lot of options to choose from and for some people, this might be appealing but this thing also makes it difficult for us to select the best space heater. I have prepared a buying guide that will help you to choose the best low wattage space heater from the available options in the market. All you need to do is consider the below-mentioned factors while making a purchase decision.

Efficient heat distribution

The main purpose of the heater is to provide heat and it should be capable of doing that.

The space heater for which you are paying should be one that provides efficient heat distribution all over the room or at least at the place where you need it. Is it safe for the details about how much area the heater covers in terms of heating.

Safety features

Space heaters work on electricity and gases and therefore they are always going to be a threat and if you do not use them properly or a little carelessness might result in a big mishap.

It is important to look for safety features while buying a space heater because these features help us a lot in case something wrong is going on with the heater. Features such as tip-over protection, automatic shut-off feature, overheating protection, thermostat, and many more should be considered. These features prevent any hazards and accidents from happening


It is very important to check whether there are enough controls on modes in the heater you are buying.

Controls make it possible for you to change the heat settings as per your needs and requirements. There are many heaters available in the market with many heating modes and different types of modes like natural wind mode and low temperature and high-temperature modes. It is very important to look for such modes in a heater while you are buying as this will add convenience and comfort to you later.

Control like thermostats and timers are very important as this will ensure proper working of the heater and it will also save you from entering into potential hazards.


Price is a very important factor and it should always be considered. One should not pay for something which is not worth the price.

You should look at the durability factor, the features, and the performance of the heater to determine what price you should pay and what is the perfect price tag for the heater. Paying the right price is not always important, it is also necessary to pay the right price for the right product.


A heater might have a fan and then it works if it produces a lot of noise.

When you are buying a heater you need to keep in mind that noise is very critical. You are going to buy a heater for your convenience and therefore it should always provide convenience in all ways and it should not be a disturbing factor for you. You need to keep in mind that when the heater operates it should not produce a lot of noise which will disturb your sleeping schedules and also your work.


Durability means the commodity’s power. The product is said to be durable since it can function repeatedly for a long time without any failure.

The space heater’s endurance is considerable because you’re not going to waste your money and time again over buying a space heater. The components and settings and how you use and deal with the heater all add up to the reliability factor. Look for material that is good enough for a long time to stick with you.

Choose one that is made of solid and durable materials if you want to make sure that the space heater works for a long time.


This article covered everything about low wattage space heaters. They are very useful for personal use and they provide a good feeling while you use them on a cold breezy day.

I prepared a list of excellent products and this list is shortlisted based on good research and therefore you can also consider buying from it if you find any of the heaters appealing and good for you. I have also mentioned a buying guide to make your buying process easier. If you follow this guide you will end up buying the best space heater for you. I hope this article was informative and relevant for you.