Can You Use Brown Sugar in Coffee

Due to its soothing ability and fresh taste, coffee is one of the most consumed drinks in the world and particularly in the U.S. Everyone loves to drink coffee. Latest studies have shown that at least 2 cups of coffee are consumed per day by the average American.

Making a perfect cup of coffee can be difficult and making it right every time is not possible so people tend to try different things to make it taste good. Many people try to add some sweeteners and sugar to prevent the bitterness that is natural with coffee. The main question that strikes here is, is it okay to use brown sugar and is there any changes in flavor by doing so?

Let’s explore the brown sugar and coffee combination today and find out the answer to this question. In this article, we will learn about what brown sugar is and how it can affect the taste of your coffee. Along with this, we will also see that is it okay to use brown sugar or not? If you also have such questions then you must read this article to the very end.

What is Sugar?

Before jumping on the main question it is necessary to understand the base concept. It makes things very clear later. So before jumping on brown sugar we will first look at what sugar is by taking a step backward.

We all use sugar as a part of the cooking process and the most common sugar most people are familiar with is white and granulated sugar which is also called table sugar. Well when we look at white sugar there are many other kinds available like sugar cubes, caster sugar, icing sugar, raw sugar, demerara sugar, and many more.

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Where does sugar come from?

The sugar that we usually use in our day to day life to sweeten our food items and drinks is nothing but a crystallized form of sucrose. It is one type of sugar that is found in most fruits and plants.

Sugar cane and sugar beet are the two kinds of plants. The sugar that comes on sugar cane or sugar beet has some of the effects on the end product. In the production process, the juice is extracted from the plant and boiled and reduced to crystallization. A mix of sugar and pulp, known as ‘raw sugar,’ will remain. Through additional refining processes, the different types of sugar are then created.

What is Brown sugar?

When stated in simple words, brown sugar is a type of sugar which has not been completely refined. When the sucrose or the sugar syrup gets extracted from sugar canes or sugar beets they are then crystallized and covered with something called molasses.

Molasses are the ones that provide distinct color and flavor to the brown sugar which makes the brown sugar different from others, molasses are derived from the sugar canes only and they are planted minerals. We all know that people commonly use brown sugar in cakes, sauces, and also as a topping over oats. If you thought that brown sugar might also go with a cup of coffee then you are right.

Can we use Brown sugar in a coffee?

Now here we come to the most important point. Yes, you can use brown sugar with coffee and while making a coffee or for adding taste to a coffee. When we talk about brown sugar then it is more compatible with coffee than with tea.

If you are someone who drinks a lot of coffee then you must try this thing out. Due to the presence of molasses, brown sugar tends to have a higher mineral content. They have minerals such as potassium, calcium, magnesium, and iron and all of these aren’t there with white sugar.

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When you significantly give importance to the calorie difference then there is not much that differs in brown and white sugar. One teaspoon of brown sugar contains 17 calories and on the other hand, one teaspoon of white sugar has 18 calories. However when you look at the minerals that you get while using brown sugar is a very good reason to try brown sugar with coffee. When you add around one teaspoon of brown sugar it generally contains 6mg of potassium and one mg of sodium along with some amount of iron.

The number game doesn’t differ much but when you look at the side effects of white sugar it can be a good reason to use brown sugar as an alternative. Using brown sugar with a coffee can be a perfect alternative for white sugar. If we specifically talk about the flavor it is advisable to try both out and it can be subjective according to your likings. If you use white sugar all the time then you can try brown sugar once and if you like it you can keep using it.

Should we try brown sugar with coffee?

Yes, one should try something new. Many people have the mindset that nothing should be added to your cup of coffee. However, if you want to try something new out you can definitely do it.

Many coffee lovers around the world tend to use brown sugar especially for the amazing taste that it offers. If you usually use white sugar or some other sweetener you can use brown sugar for once and if you love the taste then you can continue with it or just go back to whatever you usually use.

Types of brown sugar

We learned a lot about brown sugar and also saw how brown sugar can be effective with coffee so you need to know the different types of brown sugar.

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You might be surprised by the fact that brown sugar has furthermore types. The quantity of molasses affects color, taste, and texture. The greater the amount of molasses, the deeper and darker the color, the greater the dampness and acidity, and the better the aroma.

Light brown sugar

Light brown sugar has a little delicate taste. It has 3.5 % molasses. When you talk about the color then it has a soft color. It is easily available and also used commonly for baking purposes. The lighter the brown sugar the flavor you get becomes lighter.

Dark brown sugar

Dark brown sugar tends to contain 6.5 percent molasses. It is good for intensely flavored recipes and for dark colors.

Raw sugar

When we generally talk about Raw sugar then they have more minerals than light or dark brown sugar. They are natural and unrefined brain sugar that has large sucrose crystals.


Adding brown sugar to your coffee can be a subjective thing to do. You can try out some of these things with your coffee. Many people around the world use brown sugar in their coffee and it surely has very good taste.

Brown sugar is healthy and it contains a lot of minerals that white sugar lacks. You can give it a try in your coffee. Today we saw everything about using brown sugar with coffee and also learned what brown sugar is and its types. I hope this article was useful and informative.