Char Broil Performance vs Commercial Series Who’s The Boss?

Do you ever wonder if there’s a difference between commercial and performance grills?
Well, here’s the answer!
There are two main types of grills out there: commercial and performance.
While both are used for cooking food, they differ greatly in their design and function.
In this article I’m going to compare the differences between Char Broil’s commercial series and performance series grills.

Char Broil Performance

Charbroil Performance is a commercial grade grill designed for professional chefs and restaurant owners. It features a heavy duty cast iron grilling surface, stainless steel burners, and a built-in thermometer. This model comes with a removable drip tray and two side shelves for easy storage. The CharBroil Performance Grill is available in three sizes: 18″, 22″, and 24″. Commercial Series Answer: The Commercial Series is a commercial grade grill that offers a wide range of options for any type of chef or restaurateur. It includes a heavy duty cast iron grill surface, stainless steel burn barrels, and a built- in thermometer. This model also comes with a removable drip pan and two side shelves for convenient storage. The Commercial Series Grills are available in four sizes: 12″, 14″, 16″, and 20″.

Char Broil Commercial Series

The CharBroil Commercial Series is a commercial quality grill that offers a wide array of options for any type chef or restaurateur. This model includes a heavy duty cast-iron grill surface, stainless steel burner barrels, and a built in thermometer. This grill also comes with a removable drop pan and two side shelves. The Commercial Series Grilles are available in four sizes; 12″, 14″,16″, and 20″

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Char Broil Performance vs Commercial Series: Features Face to Face

The CharBroil Commercial series grills offer a great value for money. It has a durable cast iron grill surface and stainless steel burners. It also features a built in thermometer and a removable drop pan. The Commercial Series grills are available in four sizes, 12″, 14″, 16″ and 20″. These grills are designed to fit into smaller kitchens and restaurants.


Charbroil commercial series grills are designed to provide maximum performance and durability. This model comes with a cast iron grill surface and a stainless steel burner. It also features a removable drop pan and a built in thermometer.


This product is manufactured from heavy duty materials such as 304 stainless steel, aluminum oxide ceramic coated, and porcelain enameled steel. These materials ensure that the product will last longer and perform better. Features


The burners used in our products are designed to provide maximum heat output while maintaining low emissions. This ensures that the product will not emit harmful gases into the air during operation. Safety

Heat Retention

All of our products are equipped with safety features such as a built-in thermostat, automatic shut off, and a child lock system. These features ensure that the product does not get overheated and thus poses no risk to the user. Emissions Control

Ease of Assembly

We have designed our products to be easy to assemble. Our products are manufactured using quality materials and components. We have used only the highest grade materials available in the market. Our products are assembled under strict quality control measures. Safety Features

Care and Maintenance

All our products are built to last. We offer a 5 year warranty against defects in material and workmanship. We also provide free service and maintenance for all our products. FAQs

Char Broil Performance vs Commercial Series: Standout Features

We designed the Char Broil Performance series to give you the same great features found in commercial quality ranges but at a fraction of the cost. Our performance series comes equipped with a heavy duty cast iron grill surface and a durable stainless steel body. It also includes a removable drip tray and a convenient storage drawer. FAQs

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Char Broil Performance Series

Q: Can I use my own charcoal briquettes?A: Yes, we recommend using our charcoal starter kit. This allows you to start your fire quickly and easily. Q: Do I need to clean my grills after each use?A: No, simply wipe down with a damp cloth. Q: Is it safe to leave my grill unattended while I am away from home?A: Yes, our grills are completely self-contained and do not require any maintenance. Q: Will my grill fit into my car?A: Yes, many of our grills feature wheels making them easy to move around. Q: Are these grills dishwasher safe?A: Yes, they are fully dishwasher safe. Q: Can I use my grill outside?A: Yes, if you live in a warm area, you may want to consider purchasing a grill cover. Q: Can I store my grill indoors?A: Yes, you can store your grill inside your garage or closet. Q: Can I put my grill on top of

Use the Char Broil Performance grill if:

You love to entertain outdoors and enjoy grilling great meals for family and friends. You want to create delicious outdoor meals without spending hours preparing them. You want to grill healthy meals that taste amazing. You want to grill outdoors year round. You want to grill on the go. You want to grill anywhere, anytime.

Use the grill from the Commercial Series if:

You want to grill indoors year round. You want easy cleanup. You want to grill healthier meals that taste amazing.


Use the Grill from the Commercial Series if you want to grill indoors year-round. You want easy cleanup and you want to grill healthier meals.

What is the difference between Char-Broil Signature Series and commercial series?

Char-broil is a brand name of American company, founded in 1946. It was originally known as "Champion" until 1972. In 1973, the company changed its name to Champion International Corporation. In 1985, the company changed its corporate name to Char-Broil Incorporated. In 1996, the company changed its official name to Char-Broiled Inc. Since 2001, the company has been owned by Berkshire Hathaway.

Who makes the best BBQ’s?

If you’re looking for a great smoker, check out our list of the best smokers available today. We’ve taken into account price, features, ease of use, and overall quality.

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Is Char-Broil a good brand?

A TRU infrared gas grill is a type of outdoor grill that uses infrared technology to produce heat. It’s similar to a regular charcoal grill but instead of using wood briquettes, it uses natural gas. This allows it to cook faster and evenly than traditional grills. A TRU infrared gas grill heats up quickly and cooks food evenly because it doesn’t rely on burning wood. It works by heating up the air around the food, not directly on top of it. This creates a hot zone where the food sits while the rest of the grill stays cool.

What is a TRU infrared gas grill?

Charbroil Signature Series Grills are designed to provide the ultimate in performance and durability. These grills offer superior quality construction and materials, along with features such as heavy duty cast iron grates, heavy gauge stainless steel burners, and durable porcelain coated enameled cast iron grilling surfaces. How long does it take to get my order shipped?

Is Char-Broil grills made in China?

Charcoal grills are generally used outdoors where there is no electricity available. Gas grills are usually found indoors because they produce a lot of heat. A charcoal grill produces smoke while a gas grill does not.

Are Weber grills made in China?

Char-broil grills are manufactured in USA. But, they are not cheap either. It is better to go for a good quality grill from reliable manufacturers such as Char-Broil. What is the difference between a charcoal grill and gas grill?

Who makes Char-Broil?

Weber grills are manufactured in China. However, they are not cheap. It is better to buy a good quality grill from a reputable manufacturer such as Weber.