Finding Produce

At the top of every Vinder page you’ll see two search boxes and a distance box to help narrow your search.

There are 3 ways to find produce.

1) Name of fruit or veggie
In the first search box enter the name of the fruit or veggie you’re looking for and see all the locations where that item is being grown.

2) Zip code
Enter the zip code for the location you’re trying to find produce and see everything available in that location.

3) Distance
To view everything growing within a specific distance, enter your zip code and select a maximum distance you'd like to search.

Boom! That's how you find produce.

Incredible quality! Here's why:

Home growers and small scale farmers are often the most keen adopters of organic growing and sustainable gardening methods. Because the produce being sold is often the excess from their home garden, most of the produce listed on Vinder is of the highest quality.

With that in mind, check for reviews posted by others. If there are no reviews, see if the grower has posted other items and check the feedback of those.

If there aren’t any reviews, be adventurous and give the food a shot! You never know what delicious items are being grown in your neighborhood. Just make sure to leave a review so others can see what you thought.

Who's on Vinder?

The people buying and selling produce on Vinder are home growers and small farmers. You may see them working in their garden as you drive passed their house or bump into them at the local coffee shop. In other words, they are just everyday community members you might not have met yet. They have a deep passion for growing the highest quality produce, contributing to their community, and creating a healthier, more sustainable environment.

Does Vinder Offer A Guarantee For The Produce?

Everything listed on Vinder is grown by it’s members (not Vinder) and therefore we cannot offer a guarantee. Individual growers/sellers may provide a guarantee if they wish.

What Can’t I Post On Vinder?

You can sell the produce you grow yourself, as long as, it’s raw and unprocessed. Eggs from your own chickens can be sold, too!

However, there are certain things you cannot post:
- Produce grown by others (you cannot be a reseller of produce)
- Processed foods (Including pre-cut items)
- Meat or other products that require the slaughter of livestock

What Are Subscriptions?

Subscribing to a grower allows you to:
- View all your favorite growers in one place
- Receive notifications when your growers post new produce, mark items ripe, or hold sales

As a grower, how do I recieve my payments?

Payments are direct deposited into your bank account via paypal. When a payment is waiting for you, you will be alerted to update your account with your bank information for the future transfers.