How Do I Troubleshoot a Reddy Heater

Many types of Heaters are introduced in the market. Many enterprises around the world have presented and come up with many different types of heaters.

When people experience chilly cold climate people always look for a good heater inside the room that you can switch on to enjoy a good evening with their favorite movie. One of those many solutions is there available in the form of reddy heaters. This is a very unique heater type which provides heating for a very long time that too for a large space.

Some of these heater types include kerosene forced air heaters which are portable, propane forced air heaters, garage heaters, tank top heaters, and many others too. Reddy heaters have proved how useful they are and how much versatility they can show. They provide options for both indoor and outdoor heating. They have proved to be well-performing and keeping your body warm in those cold temperatures.

Every device that works well won’t keep working like the same forever, every item or product can have problems while they are working and even Reddy Heaters are susceptible to problems. These heaters have problems too and they are also very easy to solve. Today I am going to explain some of the most common problems with Reddy Heaters and we will also learn how to troubleshoot them.

Some of the most common problems faced by Reddy Heaters

Reddy heaters are very reliable and they perform well. They can be used for both indoor and outdoor usage and therefore they are also very versatile. They have been in the market for a long time and users are happy with their results.

However, every machine that works is prone to have issues in the future and the Reddy heater is seen as having problems and several issues have come up with the heater from time to time. Today we will look at some of the most common issues related to the Reddy heater and we will also see the solution to them alternatively.

Pump pressure

In such types of issues, it is very crucial to check the product specification which simply means the specification of the heater unit that you have.

Many different types of heaters operate with different pressure ranges and if you want your Reddy heater to work efficiently your pump pressure settings for the heater must be well known and are properly utilized. The correct pump pressure settings are very important as this will affect the performance of the heater and also its efficiency.

Dirty Photocells

There is a little possibility that the photocells that are present in your heater can be defective. It is very important to look at the photocells as it is also one of the most common problems that occur with a reddy heater.

There are cases where the photocells get simply attached to dirt and grime. This slathering of dust and grime can tamper with the working of the heater and therefore it is very crucial to remove the dirt. You can take a cloth and most importantly a damp cloth for this purpose after taking a damp cloth you need to remove the dirt and stains manually.

Fuel contamination

One another common type of issue that occurs often in Reddy Heaters is the contamination of the fuel used. This can also affect the working of your heater causing difficulties in the process.

It is very important to take note of the fact that if your heater uses kerosene-type of fuel then you will have to ensure that the fuel that you use consists purely of kerosene as there should be any mixes in it like kerosene mix which is diluted with other elements like gasoline and water. If there exists an impure fuel source it will be a very great problem and you won’t even know what’s happening.

Not only the flame can be altered by an unclean fuel supply or tainted fuel. However, it will make your heater burn or blow, making your system both a risk for protection and risk of burning.

Nozzle leaks

Yet another issue that is very common when it comes to Reddy Heater is the leaks in the nozzle. This mainly happens due to overuse of the heater without proper care.

If you do not let the machine rest or do not take care of the maintenance then it’s your fault that it’ll stop working one day. This might lead to holes or tears on the nozzle, airlines, or even around the fuel pickup lines. There are situations where the nozzle itself is worn down and causes fuel to be sprayed out. In such cases it is recommended to use compressed air that can blow compressed air from the nozzle that will loosen any kind of dirt or any other particle that is obstructing the nozzle or clogged in the nozzle to come out.

It is also suggested that you should replace your damaged nozzle with a new one as it can be a safer option.

The unit can be defective

There are instances where the whole unit can be defective and therefore if you find this thing out then you need to return it to the store from where you have bought it.

You can either replace it or get a complete overhaul. This mainly takes place with a hot surface ignitor also known as HSI type of heaters.

Common issues that occur with Hot Surface Ignitor (HSI) Reddy Heaters

Several problems occur with the Hot Surface Ignitor type of Reddy heaters. They are mostly the same and also prone to have difficulties if not taken care of properly.

We will study the issues related to HSI reddy heaters and also look at the way to troubleshoot those issues.

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Water contamination problems

This is one of the most common issues with HSI type reddy heaters and they are also easy to resolve. When you experience contamination of water you just have to drain the tank of your heater.

You can use a small flashlight to get a better view of the tank. With the help of a flashlight, you can take a peek inside the tank and check if there are any obstructive particles or droplets of water that are gathered at the sides of the tank. These particles can be the problem here and they can also be at the bottom of the tank so you need to take care of them.

Before starting the heater you have to be very sure that the tank is free of such kind of debris and particles.

Air leaks

Air leaks are yet another major issue that take place with HSI heaters and they can also be resolved. All you need to do for recognizing this problem is to listen to the small hissing noise along with the nozzle, airline, or fuel line.

You need to take care of the leaks and you can do it by patching it up with some kind of sealant and if there is a huge crack then you need to change or replace the entire line.

Wrong pump pressure

We saw this earlier and this is also one common issue with HSI heaters. A setting of pump pressure that is not adequate might cause the heater to work inefficiently and restrict it to generate enough heat.

It is really important to verify the product specification for those types of problems, which implies the specification of the heater device you have.

There are many different types of heaters working with different pressure levels, and it is very critical that the pump pressure settings for the heater are well understood and well used if you want your Reddy heater to operate efficiently. The right pump pressure settings are very critical because the heater’s output and also its quality would be influenced by this.

Fuel source

An improper or incorrect fuel source can also be a great problem in the working of your heater so you need to determine the fuel source and which fuel source can be good for your heater.

An air heater that runs on propane requires propane to run and in the same way, a heater that requires kerosene should be supplied with kerosene.

Steps to troubleshoot Reddy Heater

Much of the time, when the temperature is really cold, people buy a radiator that leaves them and their families shivering and spending their hard-earned money to fix it.

You need to use your money on a Reddy heater of incredible quality that will work perfectly without any problems and will also have some common troubleshooting capability. It will allow you to solve several fundamental issues emerging from these devices due to this function.

Step 1

If the motor is not working, you must first check the control switch. Ensure that the cable is correctly connected and plugged in and that the voltage at the outlet meets the voltage necessary to be stated in the heater guidelines. If a wire is broken, you have to fix it as quickly as possible or patch it.

Step 2

Turn the heater off and then cut the cable. Shut the appliance off and cut the plug. You have to grease a spot on the end of the engine fan. Make sure you are clean of all mechanical damage to the fan. If you see a patent defect on the motor, engine mount, or fan frame, avoid using it and fix or uninstall the component.

Step 3

Make sure that if the engine world does not startup, or if you detect smoke or any odor or scent coming from any part of the furnace, there is no fuel problem.

You can begin by checking for water from the fuel tank, which, if any, will form globules. Wash the tank properly and, if you spot any water, refill it with the gasoline, kerosene, diesel, or oil required.

Step 4

If the heater does not operate, or if there is no odor or smoke, then you must remove and wash the fuel filter. Dry it and replace the filter with a blow dryer and check if the issue has been fixed.

Step 5

You ought to blast the compressed air inside the outlet end of the fuel nozzle if you feel there is some clog. When the furnace does not flame or you suspect any smoke or fire or odor, this may occur. If it appears faulty or broken, you must replace the fuel nozzle.

Step 6

Made sure the air filters are connected to the fuel line correctly. Restore them if they appear faulty or filthy in the filters.

Step 7

Remove the plug from the furnace and verify if the spark plug fails or attempts to fire the heater.

Ensure that the distance between the electrodes is just the width of a dark gap. If it is faulty or has been scratched out, restores the spark plug. Often, ensure that the transformer is closely attached to the cords.

Step 8

When you see some spark of flame appearing from the front of the heater, turn off the unit. Remove the heater plug and search the air outlet of the ventilator.

By extracting the soil or garbage, clean the passage and make sure the fan is perfectly connected to the shaft. If the shaft is twisted or faulty, avoid using the unit or restore the ventilator.

Step 9

Wipe the glass region of the photocell to see how the safety protection circuit blocker stops any dust from working. If they appear faulty or damaged, repair the photocell or the circuit breaker.

If you follow these steps accurately and properly then your Reddy heater will be good to go and provide you with even heating all over the room.

Fixing the HSI type Reddy Heater

The most seen and noticed sign of trouble that happens in HSI type reddy heaters is usually when the heater is unable to turn on or it automatically switches off after five minutes of use.

In such types of issues, you need to check the cord of the heaters and see if it is properly plugged in or not. Improper plugging of the cord is a silly mistake that can cause such issues. A cord that is loose at the power source can be the main cause for such type of issues and it will cause the failure of your heater to work.

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You will need to uninstall the top cover first if the heater goes into the auto-shutdown mode, to see if the issue continues. The majority of modern heaters have an auto-switch built-in that acts as a safety mechanism if a heater reaches its core working temperature or if the system is in some way malfunctioning.

The photocell is also a thing that can cause such problems if it sees any kind of unusual happening or abnormalities in the working of the heater it will cause the heater to auto shut off to prevent any kind of damage. The photocell control board is there to detect any of the slightest problems and the internal monitoring system is there to auto shut off the heater in case any mishap happens.

How to troubleshoot the incidents that occur with HSI type of heaters

Pump pressure

If you face any of the incidents you need to check the pump pressure of air and the settings inside your HSI heater.

Different types of heaters have a different type of pump pressure which help them to properly operate. If these settings get deviated or disturbed then there can be some type of fuel starvation. This is so important that even a drop of only half psi of pump pressure can result in a huge reduction of 30% of fuel delivery in the heater.

If the pressure is changed to low there can be a very low rate of fuel and in the same way, if the pressure is too much then a lot of fuel will be drawn from the tank. This simply results in wastage of fuel. In some cases, there can be situations where the leakage is so much that the heater might overheat and cause fire too.

Fuel source

Fuel sources are one of the most important factors to be considered while thinking of the common problems that can occur with HSI type of heaters.

it is very important to determine which fuel source your heater is going to use because if you use the wrong fuel source then the contamination might cause some serious problems to the internal components of your machine and it will in the end cause uneven heating.

If you have a heater that uses a kerosene-type of fuel source then you have to make sure that you use kerosene only for such types of heaters. You should not use any other fuel source. The same goes for the Propane type of heaters. We cannot also use diluted or contaminated fuel sources which simply means if your calcium is diluted with water or gasoline then it also will be a great problem.

Gasoline and waters are used for contamination or dilution of kerosene and such dilution might also affect the internal components of the heater. If you use a broken heater with a diluted fuel source it might be a great risk for you as it may cause damages and also generate less heat. It might be a big safety risk on the part of you and your family who intend to use such types of devices and such type of fuel source.


If your thermostat doesn’t work, odds are that your HSI type reddy heater will stop working. A thermostat is a small unit that is used within your space heaters to monitor or regulate the temperature.

If the thermostat does not calculate the temperature inside the surrounding room or home, the space heater would not be able to operate properly. In those situations, the space heater would not operate and you need to fix the thermostat immediately, there is a risk that the thermostat might be missing, fried, or burned.

Most of the interior components of the space heaters are durable and robust but certain wirings cannot tolerate overheating and thus the thermostat makes it easy to calculate the correct temperature. Thermostatic overheating would prohibit the heater from functioning and avoid further damage to the space heater.

Power supply

This explanation is overlooked by many individuals and that’s why I mentioned it in the first place. This may be a big explanation why, when running, the heaters switch off.

People forget the explanation, but for the proper functioning of the system, it is undoubtedly a very critical factor that can cause failure. You need to verify whether the connectors are inside the power source properly. The key reason behind a heater that does not operate properly may be a defective or inappropriate power supply, and much of the time people believe that it will be an internal concern, which is why these power supply failures are ignored.

If there is some sort of power loss or interruption, the heater immediately shuts off. There are risks that the socket itself could be affected and that mistakes could also be triggered. If there are some charring or brown stains on it, you must inspect the plug. If there is some sort of discoloration, you can call an electrician instantly by unplugging the heater from the socket.

There is a possibility that human carelessness may also be a major factor, so everyone needs to verify if their space heater has been properly plugged in. The power cords can also be tested whether they are operating properly or not or if there are burns of any kind. A defective power cord can be a very dangerous problem because it not only prevents the heater from running but when they inadvertently come into contact with the cord, it can also present a shock threat to people. It is really important to provide a power source and to verify the correct power supply.

Air leaks

There are possibilities that there can be a leakage of air inside the heater that might be causing problems in the working of the heater.

Even if there is the slightest air leak it can cause a huge reduction in the air pressure inside the heater. This thing can be easily noted by the discoloration factor in the flames produced by the device.

In such cases, the heater automatically gets switched off while working. If you are wondering how to detect air leaks then you can do it by running your fingers along with the airline and if you feel any cracks and holes then you need to patch them.

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This can happen due to the use of the heater and its wear and tear which is normal. It can also be noticed when there are any kind of abnormal sounds like hissing or fizzing. After you have discovered the place where the crack is then you need to patch it with sealant or you can also try to replace the whole line.


If your pressure pump that is present in the heater indicates zero psi then there are great chances that the rotor might be broken.

If you see the slightest bit of pressure on the rotor then there are chances that the rotor is working regularly. All you need to do in such cases is to read the manual of the machine and set the pressure accordingly. If there are extreme difficulties to check the air pressure all by yourself then you can also talk with a professional heater expert and he will surely know what’s happening.

The rotors only work properly if you have set the pressure properly. In case the pressure is not optimal the rotor might not work.

Pros and Cons of Kerosene

Everything has its pros and cons and therefore it is very important to know the pros and cons of the product that you are going to buy or use.

If you are using a reddy heater then the most common fuel shows that is used in such types of heaters is kerosene. It is very important to know the advantages that kerosene offers and the disadvantages it comes with. This will give you detailed information about how efficient reddy heaters are and whether you should think of buying it or using it or not.

Pros of Kerosene

Kerosene is efficient

kerosene is a very efficient fuel source that can be used for heating purposes because it heats evenly and provides constant heating and does not take a lot of time to heat.

Kerosene also comes with a low price and therefore using a heater that uses kerosene as a fuel source will save a lot of money and also work for you as you want it to.

Environmental friendly

When kerosene burns it does not cause much pollution as other fossil fuels do.

If you are someone who takes care of the environment and does not want a lot of fumes inside your home or around your surroundings then using kerosene can be a great option for you. Other fossil fuels leave fumes like carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide by the ocean that do not make such pollutants.

Kerosene is cheap

kerosene is readily available and can be found easily around you and therefore you can easily provide fuel to your reddy heaters.

The price tag of kerosene is low as compared to other fuels and therefore thinking of using kerosene as a fuel source for reddy heaters can be a very good choice.

Kerosene is easy to light

If you live in an area where you experience power cuts then you can also use kerosene as a source to provide light, electricity, and heat to your room.

It can easily lit up and provide you with this. This is good for those areas where the weather conditions are harsh during winter.

Kerosene is safe

Kerosene doesn’t contain any harmful agents and it is very safe to store at home too. You can use it for both indoor and outdoor usage.

Kerosene is cleaner

There are premium brands of kerosene available like K+. These brands are very efficient and clean and are very safe.

Although such type of kerosene can be pricey initially to buy when you think of the long run it will ultimately save you a lot of money. It’s very efficient compared to standard kerosene and it also ages slowly.

Cons of Kerosene

It contributes to greenhouse gases

As already global warming is increasing and this is the effects of the greenhouse gases which are contributed by the burning of fossil fuels.

Kerosene is one of those fuels that contribute to the emission of greenhouse gases when burnt. It releases greenhouse gas like carbon monoxide. However, it is still a reliable option and the most environmentally friendly one too.

Difficult to recycle

Kerosene is a non-renewable source of energy which means if it’s used once you permanently lose it and it cannot be recycled or used again. This isn’t a good thing for the environment again so it will only get extinct one day.

Price fluctuations

The price of kerosene is prone to fluctuations from time to time. The demand and supply factors influence the price of kerosene. The kerosene prices are low due to pandemic.

Maintenance costs occur

Any heating system needs to be cleaned and maintained as well all know.

It’s very important to take care of the products that use kerosene as a fuel source and regular checkups and maintenance are required.


These were some of the most common problems associated with Reddy heaters. Reddy Heaters are very efficient and useful however they are also prone to have some issues over time.

These issues are easy to resolve and I’ve mentioned some of the most common ones. There are the solutions and the steps to be done for troubleshooting Reddy heaters. If you follow them correctly then you will make things work. I have also mentioned the most common problem associated with HSI type of heaters along with the solutions.

I hope you find this article useful and now you know how to troubleshoot reddy heaters. I have also mentioned the pros and cons of Kerosene and I would also recommend taking the help of an expert if you have problems in doing it on your own.