How To Remove Baseboard Heating Unit Cost For Replacing Baseboard Heaters

If you are one of the people who still have an age-old radiant baseboard unit at home or you are someone who resides in a place where you have an old baseboard unit then you need to quickly replace it. It is necessary to get a new age.

There are many reasons for doing this. Although technology has been greatly developed and even after so many advancements in the field of thermodynamics, it is seen that even today many homes still have got a radiant baseboard unit as they aren’t aware of the procedure of removing those baseboard heating systems. Perhaps it is understood by the people to be too expensive to get a new scheme at their place.

The best thing you are going to hear is that it is a very simple procedure that you need to follow step by step and it is also not costly. Do you know how easy it is to do it? You can even replace a baseboard unit on your own and you won’t even need a professional for help.

However, if you have no experience in such type of work and do not want to do it on your own you can also ask an expert for help to install a new heating system at your home. I would recommend doing it on your own and save money as it is very simple. Today we are going to look at the simple steps that are used for replacing a baseboard heating unit. We will also look at the cost that can be incurred for replacing a baseboard heater.

Step by step guide for removing Baseboard Heating System

Here is a step by step detailed guide that you will have to follow and you will face no difficulties in this as it is very easy.

Turn the system off

The first step is going to be this before you start doing anything you need to switch off the baseboard heating from your circuit breaker box by just flipping the button to an off position.

You need to be careful while doing this also as it can be a little tricky sometimes to switch off the baseboard heating unit especially with an older switch system or older units. This is a very important step for safety concerns so never forget to switch the system off before replacing your baseboard heating unit.

Unscrew your heating system

The next step is to find a screwdriver with the same match of the screws inside your heating system. You can also use a power drill to make things easier and remove them quickly.

Now start unscrewing all the screws from the unit and expose the wall present behind the element inside the baseboard system.

Detach the heater from the wall

The next step that you need to carefully do is to unlatch the heating unit from the wall and make sure you do this gently and do not scrape or damage the paint and the wall while doing this.

You can use a screwdriver for this too. Get a flathead screwdriver or you can also take the help of the knife for displacing the unit. While doing this it is recommended to get the help of someone at your home as you are going to need an additional hand to perform this process. Remove the unit properly and slowly and do not cause any kind of damage to the wall or yourself.

It is highly recommended to use a crowbar since you might damage the paint or also can cast the wall with huge damages.

Expose the Wires

This is a very crucial step, you need to open the wiring panel now by unscrewing the small box that is present at the end of the baseboard unit. You can use a screwdriver and open this panel.

Before doing this you should always check whether the power switch is off or not. You can also use a multimeter and check the flow of current as you won’t like to get any type of possible harm due to current. Now pp out the panel to unscrew the nuts of the old wires.

Cut the wires

The next step you need to do is to clip the wires. You can use a wire cutter for doing this. While doing this you need to be extra careful and precise and cut them as carefully as possible from the baseboard heating unit.

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Now make certain that the exposed wires are properly capped with the wire nuts and they are also held in one place with an electric duct tape. Now you need to wind them all together and make sure that all the tips are properly set apart so that there isn’t any kind of mishap occurring. This thing is going to help you later while you are ready to reconnect a new heater.

Add a temporary seal

This is a very important thing as for safety reasons if you have children at your place.

You need to do this: fire the wires back up to the hole and cover them with a cap to keep them from coming to grips with your children if you have kids or children around your room. You can use glue that sticks well and add a seal, you can also screw it into a wall so that it doesn’t easily scrape off.

When a new baseboard heating system is ready to be mounted, screw the cap off and start immediately. This is about it. This is about it. Ask an expert to support you through the procedure if you are still unsure. However, it can be very helpful for you to get rid of a baseboard unit.

Radiant Baseboard Heating Systems Are Old Age and Outdated

This is a very old type of heating system and if you have one at home, it is strongly recommended to replace it with a new one.

This baseboard has got electrical elements and they are designed to provide heat. These electrical components work similarly to the way a nichrome wore does and the only difference in both is that the nichrome wire in a build also induces light will it works. The amount of energy they use will, however, not only be huge but can also place considerable expenditures on your piggy.

Energy efficiency

If you are using a baseboard heating system there are chances that they consume a lot of energy and electricity is costly so you cannot waste it like this.

There are hydronic baseboard systems that are energy efficient as they work on heating the water and helping to keep the rest of the place warm.

Before the entire room heats up, these heaters drain much energy. As a consequence, energy quality control can be an immense challenge. In contrast to the wall-mounted thermostat, even baseboard heating systems that incorporate embedded thermostats can be hard to manage because they emit intermittent heat.

Safety and cleaning

Cleaning is a very important part of any product and it is very important to take care of any device and keep it clean.

It is very crucial for a baseboard heating system to keep them clean and regularly maintain them. It is a very simple process and you can do it all by yourself but if you ignore this it might cost you a lot later.

Baseboard Heaters Replacement Cost

Baseboard Heating system can be very useful but requires a lot of money and incurs a cost, therefore, it should be replaced.

Although baseboard heating remains commonly used in the area, it can be some time before you have to eliminate it due to the high running costs caused by its inefficiencies and the advent of smarter, more effective baseboard heating systems.

The price for an electric baseboard system is not much and for a single room, it can be very low as $150 per room along with materials and installation. In case you are looking for a forced-air furnace system, it can go high up to USD 5000 and this is only for a small house which is moderate in size.

Electric Baseboard Heater Repair Labor Cost

Baseboard heaters are simple to repair and most of the repairs can be completed in a matter of a few hours and if you appoint a professional for this work you can expect him to charge around $65 to $85 per hour.

The baseboard heater system is very simple to understand and this makes replacing the unit and the procedure very simple. The installation of a new heater by replacing the old one can cost you around $350 to $1100.

Common problems that occur in Baseboard and Wall Heater and their costs

The problems that have occurred in your baseboard heating system will decide how much it will cost you to hire a professional.

The main cause for the malfunctioning of your heater can vary and certain problems can happen. The most common reason is excessive heating and lack of heating. Here are some of the most common problems that occur in a faulty baseboard unit.

Faulty heating element

In such types of problems, you are going to require around $20 to $40 per element. The replacements of this element will require the work done with live wires so you are going to need to hire a professional for this.

Broken thermostat

If the thermostat is broken then it is going to cost you around $14 to $25 per unit for buying a new one, for replacement and repair of the thermostat you need to work with electricity so you need to hire a professional.

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Most of the homeowners pay around $100 to$250 for this. If it isn’t done with care then installation mistakes can be hurtful and result in shocks, fire, and damage.

Blown fuse

A blown fuse can be dangerous so it is very important to replace it with a new one. It will certainly cost you somewhat between $5 to $40 for a replacement to be done.

Blocked vents

This can be done all by yourself. In case your vents are blocked with dust you can clean them on your own.

Shorted limiter switch

This is a very expensive thing and might cost you around $380 to $1000 and you’ll need to replace the entire unit in case your thermal switch stops working.

The cost of wall heater replacement is high and it can be very expensive most of the time, the contractor might require several hours to fix this.

When to replace your Baseboard heating system

Baseboard heating systems require a lot of energy to work and this might cost you a lot due to high electrical usage. If you want to know when to replace or remove your baseboard heating system, it can simply be known when it starts costing too much.

When your baseboard heating systems start consuming too much electricity and take too long to heat the room it is the time when you need to remove it or replace it with the new one. The baseboard can be opened and signs of damage and corrosion found in the heating elements can be validated. Second, if you have not modified the system for at least a decade, it is worth substituting the system.

If you look at the newer models you will find out that they come with an energy-efficient design. They have got efficient temperature control systems. Some systems also come with an embedded dehumidifier system that helps you to keep the temperature in control according to your convenience.

Additional tips for removing Baseboard Heating systems

  • Most of the baseboard heating systems are very easy to manage and learn and you will require little to no need for an expert or technician.
  • If you are unaware of how to do anything with electrical appliances then you can call a professional HVAC technician in case you have money to spare and resolve the issue.
  • In case of installing a new system from scratch then you can ask an expert for some help.
  • If you have trouble with leaky tubing, you need to scrape or cast off the mold and rust full.
  • You may get a trained technician to save you more money, but you can make a more educated decision about the repair and the equipment you need to do depending on the experience.
  • These types of systems require regular maintenance and check-ups so make sure you do not miss this thing

Pros and Cons of Baseboard Heating System

Before making any decision on installing a new Baseboard Heating System it is very crucial to have a look at the pros and cons of the same to make a proper decision on it.

There are many advantages of a Baseboard Heating System but there are many drawbacks to and keeping them into consideration you need to make the best decision for yourself.

Pros of Baseboard Heating

  • Baseboard heaters work silently and do not make noise that will disturb you so you won’t have to worry about unwanted noise around you while you are relaxing at home. They don’t affect your peace and sleeping schedules by making noise.
  • Baseboard heating system is very simple to install as we saw the process of installation is very easy and you can do it all by yourself. It also doesn’t require any kind of ductwork.
  • The cost that is to be incurred by you for the installation of the Baseboard unit is very less as the process is very simple and can be completed in very little time. If you are thinking of installing a heater at home but you are low on budget then baseboard heaters are the best option for you.
  • Baseboard heaters are one of the best sources of heating and they can be used in large rooms as well. They provide good heating very quickly.
  • The cleaning process of a baseboard heater is very simple and you can do it very quickly. You won’t be requiring a lot of things and it can easily be done in a short time. You need to keep it clean regularly for better service.
  • Baseboard heaters are very durable and they can stay with you for a very long time. Once you have installed them you do not have to worry about them for at least 20 years.

Cons of Baseboard Heating

  • Baseboard heaters require a lot of electricity to work and they aren’t very efficient in such cases therefore you are going to have a powerful source of energy at your home to make them work.
  • They are very costly and they will increase your electricity bill very easily as they require too much energy to work.
  • You need to keep them clean and you need to do this regularly as once they get dirty the dirt might get clogged into the vents that can cause heating problems or overheating the machine.
  • They aren’t one of the most attractive products that you are going to keep at your home and also they require a lot of space. This will limit the space in your home permanently.
  • The heater inside the system can get very hot and they can damage things around them so you need to be careful all the time as they can overheat.
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Dimplex PC3010W31

This Baseboard Heater is one of the best that is available in the market and you’ll agree to it once you read this review. Users have loved the performance and the way it works.

This is a very reliable heater that can provide good heating all over the area inside your room. It has got a very cool and sleek design. It has got enhanced temperature control and this makes this very convenient for the users to use it. By using this heater you will also notice a decrease in electricity consumption. This Baseboard heater also comes with a thermostat which is one of the best features of this Baseboard unit.

With this system, you can choose between a wireless remote control or a classic plate which eliminates the need for wires. You will not need any external wires. This one remote can easily control several different units inside your home. The design and size is another plus point for this device. It is a compact machine which is 42% smaller than other devices.


  • It has a built-in thermostat
  • It is compact
  • It is very lightweight
  • It has a wireless remote control


  • It can be hot to touch while it’s running
  • You’ll need the help of an electrician for installing it

To check the price you can click here

Cadet 8F2025W

This is a very good option for you if you’re looking for a very affordable machine. If you are low on budget and looking for a reliable heating unit that performs well then this is the one you are looking for.

This is a device that provides fast heating and along with that, it is also very good in energy consumption. It provides efficiency and saves energy. This unit is very simple to install and it also has got pre-punched holes so you can install it. The width of this machine is 96 inches and it also has 4 wattage outputs. This is one of the best products as just one heater can easily heat 350 sq feet. There are two color options in this: they are white and almond white.


  • Affordable price tag
  • Energy efficient
  • Easy installation
  • Durable


  • The thermostat is sold separately

You can check the price here

Fahrenheat F25426

If you have allergy problems then this is the one for you. This one is a very good machine. This heater has got a fanless design and it doesn’t circulate dust, pet hair, pollen, or any other type of allergens.

This system has got safety features and it will automatically shut off once there are blockages in the vents. If the machine registers dust or fumes it will stop working and won’t work until it is cleaned out. This is one of the best electric baseboard heaters for efficiency, as it transforms all inbound energy into direct heat, which will quickly heat your room and uniformly disperse hot air. This unit allows you to attach several units so if you want to heat a larger area, this is the perfect unit for you.


  • It has a fanless operating system
  • It prevents allergies
  • It can also be used on carpeted flooring or even tiles
  • Very good performance


  • There is no built-in Thermostat
  • It has sharp edges

Click here to check the price


Baseboard heaters are very useful but they consume a lot of energy. Before installing a baseboard heater it is very important to know all about them. The process of replacing and installation of a new baseboard heating system is very easy.

Today we learned how to replace an old baseboard heater with a new one. We saw the step-by-step guide and also saw the pros and cons of the baseboard heater. The cost to be incurred is also explained in detail for this process. I hope this article is useful to you and you know how to replace or install a new baseboard heater after reading this.