Is Korean BBQ Healthy

Korean BBQ is among the best recipes around the world and if you have been lucky enough in the past then you might have got a chance to witness the delicious taste of Korean BBQ.

After eating Korean BBQ, whenever you think about that the first thought that crosses our mind is that “ it is the best thing I will ever have” many people are just crazy about its taste and you would also love to eat it every day if you get a chance. As far as we all know that whenever something is very tasty the question arises in our mind that is “ is this healthy?” it’s just a fact now that the foods that taste good are often the ones that aren’t very good for your health and body.

The BBQ is available in Korea and the USA. There’s something for everyone’s favorite preferences and too many selections. As for American BBQ, Korean BBQ refers to several meat options: from brisket to ribeye, pork belly, and flank! The best news is that there are many options available for healthy BBQ. It also includes the most popular one that is brisket and sirloin.

Today in this article we are going to look at some of the things that everyone needs to learn about Korean BBQ. I will also make sure that I answer the health-related doubts on Korean BBQ. If you are also someone who loves to have Korean BBQ but after consuming it have such questions then you must read this article carefully.

What is Korean BBQ?

In Korea, the name of this dish is “Gogi-Gui” and it can be prepared in many different ways and methods. Korean BBQ always consists of chicken, pork, or beef and it doesn’t matter if they are marinated or not.

In most of the traditional types of Korean restaurants, you will find out that this BBQ is prepared using a grill at the Center of the table. These grills are Korean charcoal or gas grills. The most popular kind of Korean BBQ is known as “Bulgogi”. It is a very tasty dish in which the beef is sliced in a thin way which is marinated. Moderately, the dish is made of tenderloin cubes of marinated beef. Bulgogi can be served on the menu but is mostly put on a rice bed and eaten with a rather basic egg.

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Another popular and well-known Korean dish is Galbi. It has got short ribs that are marinated in a sauce. It is of an equal volume of sweet and savory. These two are the best options for those people who are new to the Korean recipe side. Most of the restaurants provide the chicken that is marinated in many of the sauces. Pork is one of the most common and popular options among Koreans and also Americans. You can also try the Spicy pork if you want something on the wild side. This comes coated in red pepper sauce.

It won’t matter how reluctant and strict you are about your taste preferences, you will surely find one Korean dish that you will agree to eat every day. Korean BbQ has got some of the best and tasty dishes that one should try.

Is Korean BBQ good for Health?

If you are crossing your fingers in search of a healthy option for Korean BBQ then don’t worry you are very lucky as there are many options provided that are healthy and tasty.

When we talk about meat which has the lowest content of fats per 100 gram. You need to go with briskets, sirloin, skirt steak. Those who are health conscious but also looking for some good taste you have got beef tongue! It is very necessary to dodge such Korean BBQ items that have got high fat cut and they are ribeye, meat that is high in calories that is intestines and the ones that contain the highest amount of fat that is pork and beef belly.

It is a rule that if you are thinking of reducing your belly then you must never order the belly. For people who are concerned about health Korean BBQ offers many side dishes that are made by keeping in mind the health of the people. Dishes like “Ban Chan” and generally consist of pickled veggies. These pickled veggies might not be very attractive for most people but trust me they are very delicious and you must give it a try.

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The dishes that one shouldn’t miss ever are Moo and Kimchi. Moos can be a very good combination with beef. Sweet, fresh, and good in several ways, this wrap dish of daikon radish and carrots is similar in texture to potato salad and similar in taste to coleslaw, although it is also low in fat. If you are a spice lover then Kimchi is a dish you must try. It is nothing but cabbage that is dissolved in spicy Korean pepper. It is a very spicy dish but similarly delicious too.

Where to find Korean BBQ?

The best place where one can find the most delicious Korean BBQ dishes is undoubtedly South Korea. The city of Seoul offers some of the best dishes. If you ever visit this country make sure you witness the delicious taste of its Korean BBQ.

It is not like you can only find it in South Korea and if you are not planning a trip there you certainly won’t have to worry as Korean Bbq can be found in most of the major cities all around the globe. In America, Korean BBQ has grown a lot and it has gained immense popularity. It is familiar with American BBQ. There are many traditional restaurants in the metropolitan areas where one must go and enjoy these Korean BBQ dishes.

Healthy Korean Recipes that can be prepared at your Home

It is very easy and more affordable to prepare Korean BBQ at home than you will imagine. You must think that such great dishes can only be found in a restaurant then you are wrong.

Bulgogi, which is one of the healthiest and famous dishes, is very simple to cook. This dish is made using thinly sliced sirloin but I try it with a substitute that is skirt steak or one can also use the beef stick which is affordable enough but you have to make sure that you slice it thinly.

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You can easily find Bulgogi sauce as it can be easily found in many of the Asian and American markets. You just need to cut the meat and marinate it with sauce overnight and cook it properly. You can serve it on top of rive and also try adding an egg to complete your dish. It is very simple to make and delicious along with affordable.

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Korean BBQ is one of the healthiest recipes that can be easily found at many places. The best thing about Korean BBQ is that it is one of those recipes that is very tasty along with being healthy.

Most probably the very tasty food items are not good for our body because they contain oils and spices and many other ingredients that aren’t very good for health. If you eat meat a lot and love it then you will enjoy Korean BBQ too. It is for everyone including vegetarians and vegans. This recipe is loved by everyone even if you are a 9-year-old or a 79-year-old. It is just available in many options and recipes that one can try.

The best thing about this dish is that you can make it at your home too. I hope you find this article useful.