Quick Troubleshooting Guide My Ninja Blender Won’t Turn On!

Having a blender in your kitchen is going to help you with a lot of things. However, many brands offer many types of blenders but the one offered by Ninja is just out of the crowd.

It has all the amazing features and many people have trusted this blender as it is reliable and offers very good performance. It is one of the best-selling blenders in the market. The people who own their Ninja blender love them a lot and the best thing about this blender is that you won’t be requiring much time to learn it as it is very easy to understand. However, they run on electricity and are made of many components so they are prone to have difficulties on some days and run into trouble.

You might have faced problems while using your Ninja blender too. These problems happen commonly and they are also very easy to fix on your own. Today I am going to list some of the most common reasons why your Ninja Blender won’t turn on and we will also look at some of the things you can try doing if you want it to run effectively and efficiently. If you are having a ninja blender then you must read this article carefully and thoroughly.

Things you can try doing when your Ninja Blender won’t turn on

If you have faced difficulties in using your Ninja Blender and if it didn’t turn on then you don’t have to worry, you are at the very right place and keep reading.

Below mentioned are some of the things you can do if your blender didn’t turn on while you were ready for cooking.

  1. With electrical appliances, we all know that the first thing to be done is to check the power source, power outlet, chord, and such things. If your blender isn’t having any light then there can be a possibility that the problem can be with the power outlet. In such situations, you should unplug the blender and try some other appliance like with the same outlet. This will help you to ensure that there is any power in the outlet. If not, then you can reset the outlet with the reset button or by resetting the circuit breaker.
  2. If the outlet has power then the next thing to do is to make sure that the blender is properly assembled or not. Make sure that you have put it together properly and in the correct order. The right order is the pitcher, the gasket, then blades and at the end attaching the cap by reading the manual.
  3. Also makes sure that all the parts are attached and fixed properly. Make sure that the pitcher is thoroughly locked in the right place and the arrow is lining up with the power arrow.
  4. There can be chances where overheating might stop the blender to turn on. Check by touching the blender if it feels warm. This can happen when the thermal switch gets flipped which prevents overheating. In such cases, you need to wait for 15 to 20 minutes after unplugging the blender and after 15-20 minutes, you should try turning it on again.
  5. Overfilling can also be a good reason why your Ninja Blender is not turning on. If you have overfilled the blender then this will just be a blockage and prevention to the motor to work. Try reducing the contents in the blender and then try again.
  6. If there is food or residue clogged in the base of the blender then it can restrict the blender to work efficiently. You can try unplugging the blender and then removing the base by unscrewing the screws that hold the base. Once you have removed the base you need to check if there is any food or residue and start cleaning it. Do not use any harsh cleaning products and clean with a firm and gentle hand.
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If you are not sure that you can follow these steps then you can also seek help by contacting the Ninja customer service and they will help you out. You can also use the contact information which will be present on the user manual that will help you to contact the customer services of Ninja. They might offer replacement or repairs if you are in a warranty period.

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Reasons why your Ninja Blender isn’t turning on


Overheating is the most common problem with electrical appliances and this is just like your cell phone, car, or computer overheats. This might result in stopping the machine to work.

Every machine tends to overheat and with a blender, it can happen if you have used it for a very long time or if you were blending something hard and also due to something blocking the motor. When you mix a lot with your blender, the engine gets hot. You probably didn’t notice, but I guarantee that there’s a lot of heat inside the engine foundation. The thermal switch inside your system could have turned off because of all this heat. Think of it as a breaker in your house because of a spike in power.

This issue can easily be noticed by smelling an electrical burning or scent of the rubber. The body of the machine can also be warm to touch.

Improper assembly

If the assembly of the Ninja blender isn’t proper then this can also be a very big reason why your blender fails to start. This is a very common problem that many people have faced.

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The thing that I am talking about is the components of the blender that are not attached or fixed in a proper way or at a proper place. All you need to do is to follow the instructions that are present in the manual. Make sure you follow the proper order.

The blade should be positioned across the joint, the lid should be tightly positioned and the lid of the lid should be fitted with the arrow in its locking handle. In its four places, you want to make sure the pitcher suits properly. It is not properly locked and must be changed if this pitcher is too difficult to rotate. Only guarantee that the pitcher faces you with the correct handle directly on the right-hand side.

Components are not secure

This is also one great reason behind the failure of your Ninja blender. Every component needs to be fixed in the proper place. This simply means that the pitcher should snugly fit the base.

If the pitcher is difficult to rotate then it may not be locked properly. To solve this you need to ensure that the front side of the pitcher is directly facing you and the handle facing the right-hand side. Also, make sure that the lid is locked properly. Sometimes you don’t even think about something so simple. The machine won’t start unless your blender’s lid is locked properly. This is an intelligent feature to prevent unpleasant spills and other accidents. If your deck is not correctly turned, the blender blades won’t begin to turn.

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Assembling and using the Ninja Blender

  1. For assembling the blender you need to read the user manual first as it has all the details of what you need to do and this will just save your time and help you to do things properly.
  2. If you have lost the manual then you can simply search on the internet and you will easily find one. You just need to search the user manual along with the model number that is present on the blender.
  3. The next thing to do is to find a clean dry place and also make sure that you have access to a wall outlet near that place. Now place that pitcher adequately on the base of the blender and rotate it on the left side until it gets locked with the tabs of safety. The handle should be facing the front right corner or the front left corner if you have locked it properly.
  4. Now pick up the blade assembly using the shaft and firmly implant it into the pitcher. Make sure you place it on the visible gear shaft as it will help it to stand up straight. The blade here will be loose and won’t fit tightly. It will be maintained in an upright position.
  5. Take all the ingredients you would like the pitcher to be filled with but make sure you do not overfill it. Use those ingredients that are cold or at room temperature and do not use warm ingredients.
  6. Plugin the cord and start using.


A Ninja blender is very useful and having one with you will surely save a lot of time and effort yours. If you have faced problems with the blender turning on then this guide will help you fix them.

In case you are unable to fix them on your own, you can contact the Ninja Customer service and they will help you in detail. I hope you find this article informative.