What to Do When Your Cuisinart Food Processor Won’t Turn On

Food processors are highly useful machines that everyone can have. They still have a lot of features, besides being so beneficial, and getting it in your kitchen will save you a lot of time and effort.

It can be very handy to add the best silent food processor to your kitchen as you will have the freedom to prepare your food products at any time of the day and particularly at night. When we talk about food processors the first name that pops up in our brain is Cuisinart as it is one of the leading companies that has been very consistent in providing the best quality food processors.

It might have happened that someday you went to the kitchen to try to get the prep work done for a party or dinner. However, when you go to chop the vegetables or make breadcrumbs you find out that your Cuisinart food processor is not turning on. It just doesn’t turn on and this can be very frustrating.

The worst thing is thinking why it doesn’t turn on as it just worked fine the last time you used it. This can just be very irritating. One good thing is that you won’t have to worry much about your food processors as it is not broken if it resists turning on. This can simply be due to improper construction or some other problems. You can fix this on your own too. There might be bigger issues about which we will learn.

Today we are going to look at some of the most common issues due to which your Cuisinart food processor won’t turn on. We will also look at how you can troubleshoot these issues. If you are facing a similar kind of problem then you need to read this article carefully.

Reasons due to which your Cuisinart food processor won’t turn on

There are many reasons due to which this thing can happen some might be smaller issues that can easily be fixed while some can be bigger ones that need the help of a technician.

Is the food processor not properly assembled?

If you are lucky enough then the sole reason why your food processor resists turning on is that it is improperly assembled and this can be an easy-to-fix reason. There are safety features in the food processors that might be stopping them from turning on.

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These safety features might not be correctly assembled and that’s why they might be turning off the food processors or they might not let them turn on. You can simply check this by just looking at the appliance. If you want to know what proper assembly is then the bowl, the lid and the plunger should be properly placed and should be in line for this. Everything should be properly clicked in.

Improper safety features can be a very irritating thing but the best thing is that you can easily fix them. I have mentioned a guide that will help you to troubleshoot your food processor due to improper assembly.


Most of the food processors that are offered by Cuisinart come with bowls. These bowls have ridges on the bottom side that will help the bowl to be placed incorrectly.

You need to make sure that the bottom of the bowl is flush with the base and when you turn it into a palace you hear a clicking sound. This will make sure it is properly placed.


The next thing is the cutter blade. You need to ensure that the cutter blade goes into the bowl. You need to wiggle it slightly to slide it down properly into the place.


The lid goes on the top of the bowl. A little handle would be on the lid and line up the bowl with the handle. This may be achieved by putting the deck on and flipping it on, or simply by snapping on depending on the model.


This is the most important component and most people forget this and I guess you might also have forgotten. The metal guard grip slips into the handle on the deck and hits a button. For purposes of defense, if your guard is not on the unit, your Cuisinart Food Processor will not turn on. So, if you lost this piece, you must find it so that you can return to dinner!

Does the food processor overheat?

If you were using your food processor and in the middle of chopping vegetables, it suddenly stopped then this can be due to the overheating factor. Your food processor might have overheated and then it won’t start until it cools down.

This can take around 5 minutes and in some cases even 1 hour so you need to be patient while your food processor overheats. If you are sure that overheating is the reason then you need to wait for at least 45 minutes to again start it.

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In the case where there is proper assembly and no overheating and still your Cuisinart food processor fails to start then fixing it can be challenging.

The blade can be jammed

This can also be a cause why your food processor isn’t turning on or has stopped working. When the blade gets jammed it can cause the food processor to stop mid-processing.

The only thing you need to do is to remove the large food piece that has jammed the blade and then it must work fine. In situations where the blades are damaged due to this, you need to replace the blades.

You can identify the blades that are damaged when:

  1. They became loose for the casing.
  2. The blades got shattered (there were cases where people found metal shavings in the food due to blades getting shattered, you can request a replacement in such cases)
  3. The blades seem to be very dull

Broken bowl

A bowl that is broken can be a big reason and issue. A cracked bowl can be the reason why fluid is getting leaked and you find them on the top of the motor. It is strongly recommended to replace the bowl as soon as possible.

If you ignore replacing the bowl then it can grow into a more severe issue where the motor might be damaged and this will cost you even more. You can see what type of bowl your food processor has and then you can buy it online. If you do not find it then you can purchase it from the Cuisinart OEM part. OEM stands for an original equipment manufacturer.

A damaged motor

When you find out that the blades aren’t spinning still you hear a sound coming from the motor which is a whirring sound then it is an indication that the motor of the processor has damaged.

You can disassemble the food processor by unplugging it first and then see if the motor is damaged or not. With the food processor, there might be a motor replacement guide that you have got when you purchased the appliance. This guide will help you in fixing or replacing the motor. You must also be checking whether the food processor is still under the warranty period or not.

There are components that the motor has that needs to be replaced. Any of these parts are just motor power switches. A bigger problem is the burning out of the engine coils. The engine has magnetic field spins that drive the non-electric rotor core. These spools are attached to the above-mentioned switches, but if the spool is burned out, it would not be possible to repair the complete motor. This can be a very challenging thing to do and this is why the first thing to do is to check if your appliance is under warranty period or not.

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Rusty food processor

Cleaning the food processor is very important after using it and therefore you need to be very sure about the cleanliness. If you find rust o your food processor which is mostly on the blades then you need to clean the whole machine thoroughly.

You need to clean the food processor by taking it apart and you can find bits of food stuck under the blade, on the bowl, and around the motor too. You need to disassemble the appliance and wash each ad every part thoroughly.

The first thing is to clean the blade and while doing so you need to be very careful as you can cut yourself. If the blades are rusted you can use a scratch pad that will help you remove the dust. Next thing is to clean the motor. You can do it by simply wiping it. Make sure you do not place the motor in water. Use a damp cloth for this. Lastly, you need to dry everything out and put it back again in the food processor.

You can opt to buy a new Cuisinart food processor or substitute separate parts if your system is extremely rusted.

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These were some of the most common reasons why your Cuisinart food processor won’t turn on. I hope you find this piece of information knowledgeable and relevant.