How Do I Repair My Space Heater Steps To Troubleshoot an Electric Heater

Space heaters have gained a lot of popularity in a mere time and it is a very useful appliance. They are helpful in properly radiating and retaining heat when you are feeling cold. It can be used in a confined area or closed space like a home or office.

They mainly run on electricity, kerosene, or gas. They are very helpful and useful. There are those gadgets that can be used in a house or a room for a limited time for warming up places. Technologies have seen huge development, and over the last decade, we have seen considerable experiments and attempts to invent ever more space heating methods. This has brought about the evolution of space heaters of electric and gas type. These heaters use electricity or certain forms of fuel, including kerosene and wood pellets for use and can heat confined areas quickly.

The power source varies depending upon the type of heater you are using and it is therefore very important for anyone to properly determine and provide suitable power to these heaters. Different types of power sources are required for specific heaters and this must be noted. The best thing about a space heater is that they are very portable and you will require minimal effort to carry them from one room to another as they are very compact and lightweight.

As these devices use electricity or some other kind of fuel, they tend to have issues while working on some days just like other devices. The malfunctioning of these devices can be repaired or troubleshoot easily at home if it’s a common problem otherwise you need to call an expert for help.

Today we are going to look at how we can repair our space heaters and also look at the most common problems that arise in a space heater.

What’s the issue with my Space Heater?

Electric space heaters are one of the most used space heaters and they have a reason for it. They are powerful and electricity is easily available. They tend to have problems too and therefore we are here to help you out.

Some of the most common things that are happening which are causing trouble to you can be:

  • The heater isn’t switching on
  • The heater is unable to generate proper heat
  • Some part of the heater has broken and caused the malfunctioning

There can be situations where a faulty space heater can cause severe problems as it may also give a shock or light up in flames or even burn plastics. This can be very dangerous for anyone and anything near the heater so you need to be very careful with a faulty heater.

It is very important to identify the main cause behind the failure of the heater and for that, you need to start from the beginning. We will look at some of the most common problems that occur inside a space heater and also look at the solutions simultaneously.

Check the power supply first

Many people neglect this, and this is why I, first of all, listed it. This may be a significant explanation why the space heaters are turned down at work.

The power supply can be a silly thing that might be the reason and due to ignorance for such a thing the whole unit can be compromised. This is ignored by people but it is a very critical factor that can fail to function the machine properly. You must ensure that the connectors are correctly positioned inside the power source. The key explanation behind a heater that does not work properly may be an unsuitable or inappropriate energy source, and people believe that is an internal issue, which is why these power supply failures are ignored.

Space heaters need an average of 1500 watts to work and produce heat efficiently. When a shortage or power interruption occurs, the heater is immediately switched off. The socket itself is likely to be affected and can be error-causing. If a charring or brown stain is on it, please inspect the socket. If discoloration happens, you can contact an electrician promptly by extracting the heater from the connection.

Chances are that human carelessness can also be a huge factor in why somebody has to verify whether you have plugged correctly in your space heater. You can also inspect the power cords whether or not they operate well or whether there are any burns. A defective cord can be a significant danger because, if the cord comes in accidental contact, it can not only stop the heater from running, it will also pose a threat to human beings. It is really important to provide a power source to manage the correct power supply.

A blown fuse is a big problem

There is a fuse inside your space heater that can cause problems to the running of your heater if it is blown or damaged. Most modern space heaters have an incorporated thermal fuse. These fuses are carefully nestled inside their rigid plastic lacquers.

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A thermal fuse is a very small system that helps to overheat the furnace. It is an incredibly effective protective system. In case of overload, it may even blast out and shield or protect all the other components in the heater. A typical thermal fuse is most likely 120 to 250 volts rated and is now graded as 10 to 15 amps.

A thermal fuse is a protector that can save a lot of damages. It is the first component that detects any kind of error and helps in providing any kind of barrier from any mishap. It acts as a shield that sacrifices itself for protecting others.

The fuse is likely to be blown, and this will trigger operating difficulties. The first thing you need to do is disassemble a room heater if you notice a blown fuse inside your heater then you need to use the appropriate equipment. You need to know what the thermal fuse is to verify what the issue is after you have correctly disassembled your heater. Check for the blown, burning, burnt, or fried fuse. The exploded fuse now needs to be replaced with a new fuse.

The thermocouple is also to be checked

If your fuse is properly working and you do not find any kind of problems then it is time to check upon a thermocouple.

A thermocouple is also a device that provides safety to your heater it neds to turn of the heater in case there is any kind of abnormal activity or any problems arising in your heater. It is a device that is already there inside your space heater.

It is in charge of turning the system off. If abnormal electricity floods are coming to the heaters or running, the system appears to be turned off so there is no harm of any sort. It will hold the system off and it will continue to be shut off until the problem is fixed every time you attempt to turn it on.

The Thermocouple is often caused by errors when space heaters are overheated and the heater is switched off. It is advisable to allow the space heater ample time to cool off in these situations. A thermocouple gives great protection and avoids harm to your equipment. If your thermocouple is damaged then you need to replace it as this will not allow the machine to start until you replace it with a proper one.

A tripped circuit breaker can be the problem

We all are aware of circuit breakers as they are available in most electrical home appliances. They are a very important safety feature and they can prevent any mishap or large damages from taking place.

A key circuit breaker delivers electricity to your house. A central control point. Each switch is equal to a dedicated electrical grid with smaller breakers. They are located in different parts of a home, including the kitchen, dormitory, or living room.

As the breaker trips, the power supply to the electric loop is shut off. A circuit is trickled into the primary grid within your house by a rise in power. A tripped breaker will support your heater and shield you from unnecessary energy and ruin the machinery. A circuit breaker might be tripped and it is a very important thing or component inside a space heater so it might be a possible reason behind the failure of your hater.

You need to take the help of an expert in case you are thinking of replacing your circuit breaker.

The thermostat is very important

A thermostat is a device that is present inside your heater and the most important feature of a thermostat is to regulate the temperature inside your heater.

The job of the thermostat is to regulate a specific temperature and when the space heater reaches that specific temperature the thermostat provides a signal to stop the space heater and after that when the temperature again drops the thermostat starts the machine until it reaches the ultimate temperature again.

If the temperature in your closed room or the household cannot be calculated by the thermostat, the space heater will not operate properly. In such situations, the space heater does not operate and the thermostat must be replaced instantly and the thermostat may be broken, broken, or charred.

Most of the interior parts of the heaters are sturdy and stable, but some wiring cannot tolerate overheating and so the thermostat requires the correct temperature to be calculated. The thermostat overheating stops the heater from running and prevents failure in the heater of any kind.

If your thermostat is at fault it can cause improper functioning of the heater as it is very important to regulate the heat and therefore heating might be too little or way more than specified. Therefore you need to replace it properly.

Cleanliness is a primary concern

There are air filters and vents that are present inside your space heaters which circulate the flow of dust from your heater and therefore cleaning them is very important.

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If your air filters and vents are clogged with dirt and dust it will not allow the heat to be transferred properly and might lead to the improper generation of heat. It is very necessary to clean them regularly and remove any kind of debris.

If the vents are hit with dust and dirt, they cause considerable work issues and even an uncomfortable smell because the air cannot exceed the heater and overheating can in this situation occur. The internal sensors that can turn off the heater could be triggered by the debris.

Is the heating element working?

A heating element is present in most of the space heaters and they are very helpful as they are the one that helps in generating heat.

There are possibilities that the heating elements can be at a problem and this might be leading to improper functioning of your heater. If there are issues with these heat elements, it will not operate correctly, or you can tell it will start to fail, that it is bent, missing, scratched, or discolored. To supply the area with adequate heat, a broken heating element may stop. The heat inside the heater would only increase due to injury. And if you want to activate the heater again and again would a broken heating system shut down.

Knowing how to Disassemble your Space heaters

Repairing your Electrical Space Heater is not anything that one cannot do it is easy and there isn’t any rocket science but it is also not as easy as counting 1-10.

The first step that you are required to do for troubleshooting a space heater is to disassemble it and for this, you require proper tools and also a proper way of doing it.

You will generally find two main types of space heaters which are Radiant Electrical Heaters and Convective Electrical Heaters. They both are different from each other and therefore the process that is required for disassembling it is also different. You won’t have to worry as it is very easy too. We will discuss both the process now and the steps that you need to do.

Firstly let’s look at the types of equipment that are to be gathered

  • Pair of thick gloves (Rubber)
  • A multimeter
  • Few screwdrivers according to the screws
  • Nose plier (Long)
  • Adjustable Plier
  • Safety glasses

If you have a Radiant heater you need to go with these steps

  1. The first step that you are required to do is wear your rubber gloves and then make sure that the heater is switched off.
  2. The next thing that is very important to be done is to unplug the heater from the power source. After doing this you need to give some time for it to cool down. If you feel like the exterior of the heater which has a plastic coating is still not cool enough then do not try to disassemble it. Let it cool down and then you’ll be good to go.
  3. Once the heater is properly cooled down then you can carry on with the further steps. Now you need to pull out the knob and for this, you can use a set of pliers and by this, you can start detaching the electrical leads one after another. You need to mark the location of the edges with a colored tape. This will be later useful.
  4. Now take the pliers again and rotate and remove the nuts. These nuts are there for the thermostat and it helps in keeping the thermostat at a proper place. You need to remove the thermostat and for that, you need to remove the nuts. Once you are done with detaching the thermostat you need to keep it aside.
  5. If you are thinking of removing the main power switch then for this you need to disconnect the leads and again you need to mark those areas using colored tapes.
  6. You need to keep in mind that in some heaters some switches are held using clips or screws and you need to remove them using pliers or screwdrivers properly before accessing the switch.

If you are looking for disassembling a Convective heater then you need to follow these steps

  1. Here also the first thing that is to be done is to wear your gloves. It is very important to do anything after wearing the gloves. The next thing that you need to do is unplug the heater from the power socket and after that turn off the main switch.
  2. Now the next thing that you need to do is allow the heater to cool down naturally and after that, you need to gently press your hand at the exterior of the heater.
  3. The disassembling of the heater should only be done once the heater is cool enough. if you see that the plastic coating is cool enough to touch then you can start with the disassembly and detach it piece by piece.
  4. The control Knob and the rear grill the most important thing and are the first things that you need to disassemble. The detachment of the control knob can be done using an adjustable set of pliers.
  5. You can use a screwdriver for removing the rear grille. It is very important to slowly and properly do this.
  6. Once you are done with removing the back of the heater’s exterior then it is time to look at the front side.
  7. You can remove the front grille by easily lifting the entire case. After this, you need to gently take out the grille. This will simply expose the fan and the motor inside the heater. The heating element will also be seen.
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As all the three sections that are most important inside the heater can be seen you can simply test them one by one as you wish to do. Before initiating to do this you need to disconnect any wiring that holds the circuit. The Thermostat is also to be removed and you can do this by simply removing the screws that are holding the thermostat and the circuit together. you need to disconnect all the wires precisely one by one before removing the thermostat.

Once you have disassembled your space heater you will be exposed to all the components that are present inside the space heaters.

This will help you to find out the error or the component which is failing to work. If you find out any company that is feeling to work you need to replace it and for that, you need to even ask for the help of an expert and buy a new part

Steps to Troubleshoot an Electric Heater

There are many possible reasons due to which your space heater might not be working and these reasons can easily be fixed.

Most of the space heaters deal with common problems like automatic shut off feature and thermostat problems. Failure of such features can cause issues in the working of an electrical heater. We will look at the step by step process for troubleshooting an Electrical Space Heater.

Step 1

The first and the initial step is to turn off the electrical heater and check if your house fuse box has any kind of blown fuses or is damaged in any way.

If there is any kind of such thing happening then you need to replace the circuit breakers or fuses if it is necessary. Once you replace or reset it you can turn on the heater and check whether it’s working or not.

Step 2

The safety auto shut-off feature can also be an issue as it is the one that doesn’t let the machine work in case it detects any kind of mishap.

If the safety shut off feature itself has any issue then it might be causing problems to the working of your heater. You need to reset this auto safety shut off feature. You can do this by switching off the heater and let it cool down for a few minutes. It will automatically reset and if the heater does not work even after doing this then you need to replace the auto safety shut-off feature and then try to switch the heater on and it will work.

Step 3

Any external or internal obstacles may be also an issue in the working of your space heaters, you should try to remove such obstacles as dirt or dust from the vents or the air filters.

You need to turn off the heater by unplugging it, check for any obstructions and remove them and switch the heater on.

Step 4

You can try switching the thermostat to a higher level and then monitor the heater so that you can make sure that it does not switch off due to overheating.

Step 5

You can try moving the Electrical Heater to such places where it does not face any kind of blockage or it can get accidentally tripped or tipped or is exposed to water.

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Repairing your space heater isn’t any kind of rocket science but this never means it is very easy. You need to have the proper equipment and good knowledge about the heaters.

Today we saw the most common issues that take place in a space heater and also the solutions to them. We also saw how to disassemble a space heater and along with this we also saw the steps to troubleshoot an Electric heater.