Does Electric Heaters Produce Carbon Monoxide

Winter is coming! This time it’s going to be a long one. You might have heard this a lot many times if you are a Game of Thrones fan but actually, when winter comes it is very necessary to have a heater that will heat the space for comfort.

If you live in an area that notices long and harsh weather conditions then it is a must to have space heaters with you. They are extremely useful and very lightweight. The best thing is they are compact but they can easily heat a whole room. The best heating options for cold winters are space heaters. Even if you have a central heating system there are some areas where you might feel that cold.

For these areas, you are going to require a space heater. They are very portable and therefore they are also very easy to carry. These heaters might be very useful and good in performance but they have their own set of cons. The worry of an electric space heater and an oil-based one to surface is one of the greatest worries.

There is one common question that pops up whenever you hear electric space heaters, do they produce carbon monoxide? What to do if there is a leakage? Is CO dangerous for humans? How dangerous CO could be? And many more questions like these. Today we are going to learn about carbon monoxide and do electrical space heaters produce them or not. We will also see the possible danger due to carbon monoxide. If you have the same fear then you must read this article properly.

Do Electrical Space Heaters Produce Carbon Monoxide?

If you are looking for a one-word answer then the answer is “No”. An electrical space heater uses electricity as a power source and they do not use any kind of fuel and therefore it is not possible for them to generate or reveal any kind of gas.

It is a must known fact that when electricity is passed through a coil it tends to generate heat. This is the thing about an electrical heater. They either work using a coil or some ceramics blocks are used for working. These coils or blocks are the ones through which electricity is passed and they then radiate heat once they get heated up.

If you notice then it is just a simple mechanism of physics that is used by electrical heaters to work. No oil is burned with the exhalation of carbon monoxide that’s feared, but many more toxic gases are not burnt. I, therefore, suggest that you only use electrical heaters for those places where your universal heating systems and pipes do not have warm and convenient air.

Safety of electrical space heaters compared to another kind of heaters

Electrical space heaters do not emit any gases when they are operating as they do not use any fuel to operate.

Many other kinds of heaters don’t use electricity to work. It is very important to discuss such heaters to understand whether electrical space heaters emit deadly and dangerous carbon monoxide.

Many people prefer oil filled space heaters to make the room warm during cold winter days. This preference is generally due to the low operating cost of oil-filled heaters. These heaters (oil or gas-based) require less amount of electricity to work compared to electrical space heaters. This will surely save you money but there’s a dark side to it too.

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When you look at the safety comparisons and considerations of these heaters you will just overlook the operational cost and minimal savings as this can be a deadly option for you. This is because oil and gas heaters generally use some kind of fuel to run. Oil-filled heaters contain diathermic oil that is present in the fins. This oil gets radiated once it gets heated up. This is the reason behind the generation of heat in an oil-filled heater.

There’s one more thing to it. Oil-filled space heaters not only radiate heat but also a very dangerous and unwanted gas known as Carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide is also known as a silent killer. This is because it can be very dangerous for humans to exhale. This gas can also be fatal.

It is known as the silent killer because it doesn’t have any kind of smell, it cannot be seen, and also it has no color so you won’t even know that it exists. It is therefore more dangerous that you can’t tell by smelling or seeing if it is present or not. It is therefore recommended that one shouldn’t sleep while the space heaters are on. Constant accumulation of such gases can be a very serious and dangerous matter to be addressed.

Why is Carbon Monoxide dangerous?

While they run overnight, heaters appear to emit carbon monoxide and are therefore unsafe to leave overnight, and we have studied this before. Let us look at the problems that can be produced by carbon monoxide.

When you are asleep, carbon monoxide will reach your body through your nose as you inhale. It’s not healthy for your wellbeing with that gas. As it is capable of drying out your sinuses, this gas is considered a silent killer and even binds the hemoglobin found in your RBC. If a lot of carbon monoxide binds to hemoglobin, it can reduce the amount of oxygen bound to your RBC.

If this continues, the amount of oxygen in your veins can become so limited that your organs can stop functioning one by one. This only notes how harmful it can be for carbon monoxide and its inhalation. This will contribute to fatalities. The poisoning caused by carbon monoxide depends on how much carbon monoxide your heater emits. This is why using an oil-filled or any heater that uses fuels can be dangerous. Electrical heaters are safe in such cases and that’s why using them to heat spaces is strongly recommended.

Space heaters that produce Carbon monoxide

Learning about other heating equipment is equally important and that’s why we will also look at them as they are responsible for giving out Carbon monoxide.

Before moving any further it is crucial to understand how is this carbon monoxide generated. The production of this gas starts when the fuels are burnt inefficiently. When carbon and oxygen are burnt in proper proportion then the result is carbon dioxide CO2. Carbon monoxide tends to be generated when carbon is not burnt properly due to a lack of oxygen.

As there is very less amount of oxygen available in a closed room. This limited oxygen will result in inefficiently burning the carbon and generating CO.

Heating systems that produce Carbon monoxide

  • Propane heaters and natural gas-based heaters
  • Kerosene based heaters
  • Wood-based stoves ( wood can also lead to carbon monoxide production when burnt)
  • Gas grills, ovens, and all the other appliances that use fuels to work.

The question that arises here is, if a gas heater and furnace are already installed in a house then what to do?

The most important thing that gas heaters require is proper space and ventilation. If there’s appropriate airflow it will be good for the gas heater and it won’t have the chance to produce CO as there will be an appropriate amount of oxygen.

Do you need a Smoke detector?

Carbon monoxide detectors can be useful however they can only tell you about the levels of CO that are present at a given place.

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It will also warn you about when the necessary steps have to be taken and also help you to control the levels of CO. Whenever CO levels increase it releases an alarm. This will let you know that the gas is emitting too much. It works just like a smoke alarm.

This alarm will tell you that you need to let all the CO get out of the room as it can be dangerous. It will give you time to open the windows as you’ll get time for providing ventilation. You can also get outside the house or room to get some fresh air by opening the windows and all the ventilation sources.

Carbon monoxide can easily catch fire as it is very flammable and therefore you must also call the fire services and tell them about such things in advance when the alarm signals you about this. Appliances that use any kind of fuels or wood, kerosene, propane, or any other natural gas are capable of emitting CO.

If you have many appliances that work on such sources then it is recommended that you must have a Carbon monoxide detector at your place as it can be a lifesaver thing and prevent possible hazards.

Suggesting a space heater

There are many types of space heaters and oil-filled heaters are one of them. As far now we all know that oil-filled heaters are risky and they have a lot of safety concerns in their long-term usage.

If you have still got an oil-filled heater or any other heater like propane or ones that use natural gas or kerosene then you must have enough ventilation space inside the room so that there are sufficient oxygen levels. This way they can radiate heat without any kind of problems and obstructions.

Ceramic hectares that use electricity as their power source are one of the best options if you have pets and children at your home as they are also safe to touch and don’t release harmful gases. Ceramic heaters have got plastic coatings that can prevent possible burns in case you accidentally touch them. It is very crucial to keep space heaters at such places where children and pets can’t reach.

Safety features to consider while buying a space heater

With various brands, several space heaters are sold on the market and this is what makes choosing the right one challenging. The most important aspect when we speak about space heaters is safety, and it is also very important to consider safety.

We would look at some of the most critical safety features to be tested during the purchasing of a space heater.

Automatic Shutoff

This function is given for most modern space heaters, and it is also a very necessary one. When they detect some form of overheating in the machine, an automated shut-off mechanism comes into operation.

It has an intelligent sensor that helps to do that. When overheating takes place, it immediately turns the heater off to prevent any more damage to the heater and any significant mishaps.

Ground fault circuit interrupter plug

This role assists in the avoidance of electrical shocks. If you don’t have this plug, the heater near the water should not be used. When buying a boiler, it should be considered.

Certifications for Protection

As this normally means that the heaters are secure to use, you can look for certificates from organizations. It is appropriate to look for international and ETL accredited CSA certificates.

Robust and long-lasting cord

You should then get a heater that has a long and strong cable, as we heard earlier that extension cords and strips should be avoided. This is required for the chord to enter the socket. A robust cord can prevent injury and shocks.

Let’s look at some of the best space heaters in the market

Electric Ceramic Heater by Lasko

This is a ceramic-made electric heater. This is a very valuable commodity and comes with an inexpensive price tag as well. If you have a low budget, you can use this option.

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At under $30, you will be able to find this and it is so strong that it will keep a wide room warm comfortably. It has low heat, moderate heat, and settings for fans. These three settings make it very efficient and easy to use this computer. This is a very lightweight computer that makes it very compact and, without any additional work, you can comfortably move it from the bedroom to the living room and from the living room to the kitchen.

The thing you need to know about this item is that it does not have an auto shut-off feature, so you need to take extra precautions while using it, and you need to control the operation or keep an eye on the system when it is running. 10.2 x 7.5 x 6.6 inches are the dimensions of this piece.


  • It is very compact
  • It’s got a lightweight
  • Comes with a cost-effective price tag
  • It is very powerful


  • Safety features are missing

Click here to check the current price

MVH vortex heater

This is a very handy item and one of the quietest working heaters you’ll find. Vornado sells this heater.

It is a very small heater that can do the job effectively and provide energy inside your space with ease. The unit has three heat levels that you can control according to your needs, which are 750 W, 1125 W, and 1500 W. Depending on your convenience, this will help you get the right temperature. People enjoy the fact that it is small in size, but in a large-sized space, it can easily stay warm.

It gives a warranty of 5 years. The scale of this product is 10.6 x 10.4 x 9.2. The weight is about 3.76 lbs for this unit. It is a very smart decision to make and a long warranty also comes with it.


  • It has safety characteristics
  • Compact in size
  • Highly built, well designed,
  • Sustainable
  • Can hold a spacious room warm


  • Users have issues with reliability

Click on this link to check the price

Slim Style Digital HSX3315FTS

This is a space heater from the new era that has everything you’re looking for. This is a very elegant heater that will stay with you for a very long time and help you.

This is a heater that DeLonghi sells. At just 3 inches high, you can tuck it into smaller parts. It can be tucked into smaller spaces comfortably and can keep places up to 300 square feet warm easily. One point to remember is that the air is flowing out from the edges. This would take a little more space around the heaters and you can’t hold it in the room’s corners.

It’s a silent space heater that operates so softly you won’t even hear about it. The measurements are 3 x 32.2 x 21.8 inches for this piece. This commodity weights about 13.8 lbs. You should dream about purchasing this item and this is one of the better available versions on the market.


  • It can be mounted on the wall quickly.
  • It’s a very small commodity.
  • It has a programmable timer on it.
  • If it tips, it has an auto turn off functionality


  • Expensive

You can check the price here


Carbon Monoxide is dangerous and also fatal at times. A space heater that works on electricity that doesn’t use any kind of fuel doesn’t emit CO.

We have discussed in detail oil-based heaters and electrical heaters. Electrical space heaters are safe and therefore recommended for home-usage. I hope you know every tiny detail regarding this topic.