How To Troubleshoot Propane Heaters

Propane heaters are very useful and they are becoming very popular. They are used to keep the above body temperature well heated. They are designed in such a way that they provide a warmer and even more heated environment.

Propane heaters have got sensitive controls that help you to regulate the flow of gas. This in turn keeps the room comfortable. These controls are very sensitive and therefore one needs to use them with proper knowledge and instructions and take special care while using them.

If your propane heater is not working properly then the problem is only with these controls most of the time. When your propane heater starts to malfunction the fault mainly lies with the controls as they are very sensitive. The gas or the ignition system can be at a fault or the problem can also be with the clogged pipe, the standing pilot that flickers or goes out, or even with the electronic spark that doesn’t spark. These problems can be frustrating but the best thing is the repair is very easy.

Today I am going to explain to you the different types of problems that can occur to a propane heater and in such problems what are the best ways to overcome them. We will first understand the working of a propane heater and then we will look at the most common issues that occur. We will learn how to troubleshoot a propane heater in detail.

Working of a Propane Heater

To understand the working of a propane heater is very simple and all you need to do is read this carefully.

When the thermostat gets on or it is turned up, a little electric signal gets transferred. This electric signal is transferred from the gas valve to the heater, this helps to prompt it to be open. This now helps to pass on the steam of gas. In this state,m of gas passes to the burner where it helps in igniting the pilot.

The temperatures rise and it keeps on continuing until it reaches a point at which the value that the thermostat possesses becomes the same as the room temperature. With the passing of time and the temperature of the premises is again decreasing, the gas valve reopens to give another gas stream to light up the burner to meet the preset value. But the pilot must be kept illuminated throughout the operation, to illuminate the main burner.

This can also be a result of gas wastage. As the pilot must be kept on the running mode it might also be one of the most important and considerable reasons for a clogged gas pipe.

Most common issues with propane heaters and their solutions

The below mentioned things are some of the most common problems that might take place while using a propane heater. If you are looking for solutions you need to understand the problem that is caused first as it is very important.

Standing Pilot Problems

If you want to know that your propane heater has a standing pilot or not then all you need to do is to check.

If your propane heater has a standing pilot it can be easily seen and it is quite visible through a window or opening present under the gas control knob. It is mostly blue and is 1 inch. It is very small in size and it flickers or splits. It also burns yellow or orange. The pilot tube requires cleaning frequently. Normally you would use the gas to turn off and place a needle in the pilot pipeline’s top. It could be because of the drought if the pilot won’t stay lit, but it will always be a thermocouple problem.

Adjusting or replacing the Thermocouple

The thermocouple is the safety measure that helps the propane heater to release the unburned gas. It is a very heat sensitive device that is similar to the one that is present in the thermostat.

When the pilot is lit up the flame tends to heat the thermocouple. When the thermocouple gets very hot it provides a signal to the valve so that it can stay open and the pilot stays lit. The pilot will go out in cases where the thermocouple is very far away from the flames. If you want to fix this then you have to simply push it closer. In cases where the thermocouple wears out then replacing it is a matter where you need to unclip the bulb and unscrew the wire from the gas valve.

Electronic spark issues

If your propane heater is equipped with a blower you might have heard the sound of clicking whenever the blower turns on. This is nothing but the sound that is created by the electronic spark mechanism.

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You need to be able to see the spark if you look into the burner chamber. If you do not, the ignitor is likely to be wired to defective electrically. To repair this, you need an electrical device diagram, normally included with the manual of the user. The gas cylinder supplied by the machine can be empty or the gas may be turned off while the heater works without illumination. Clean the opening of the gas valve with a needle if you’re confident that the device has gas.

Thermostat issues

There are chances that the thermostat might be facing some issues in such circumstances the propane heater might not run correctly and it might guzzle up all the gas and deliver a little amount of heat.

The thermostat might have issues and it may not be able to identify the right temperature of the room so that it can properly adjust according to it. By covering the crevices and wedges near boundaries, you can try isolating the space. Make sure you spend some money to recognize and make your premises ‘eco-friendly.’ You will have to change the thermostat in your propane heater if this does not function.

Troubleshooting propane patio heaters

Propane patio heaters are very useful and they are used by many people as they provide a very good service when it comes to outdoor heating. They are very good in small closed places like lawn or terrace.

It is composed in a very simple way with a few components that are connected. The lack of heat is one of the most common challenges you face, which maybe because it’s always held outside. However, if it does not seem to have the way it is used, a quick search with a sequence of steps may be appropriate.

Propane patio hectares might have some problems and issues but unless these problems are something very big or grand they can be easily resolved by yourself with a little knowledge.

Issues with the tank

There are many chances where the gas tank might freeze and it may have issues. If you live in an area where the temperature is very cold or you reside in a cold part of the world then there are chances where the propane gas tank might freeze.

When you notice that the patio heater starts freezing up then you need to check and make sure that the tank is at a level. If this doesn’t solve the issue then you need to get a new tank of propane.

There are possibilities that your tank might have a leak and the tank can also be out of order in situations where the pilot doesn’t light up. The pilot might also be clogged and you can make sure by taking a needle and trying poking the needle into the nozzle of the pilot this will make things clear whether anything is blocking the pathway or not. Before trying this you also need to make sure that the cylinder valve isn’t completely opened or closed.

In case you are attempting to clean the nozzle of the pilot you need to close the valve fully. Once you are done doing this then you need to try lighting up the heater manually. If this manual process works then there might be a problem with the ignition system of your propane heater.

Issues with the flame burner

The flame burner is the most important part of the propane heater as it is the one that helps to generate the maximum amount of heat. This is the most important thing as you look for heat when you buy a propane heater.

If you think that the heat is low then it is an indicator of the gas pressure. You need to check the valve in such cases for gas pressure. If you find that the valves are fine then you need to check whether any other pipes are bent or have any kind of crack or leakage in any way. If you find out that everything is okay then there might be problems with the cylinder and it might be time to buy a new one.

Pilot not lighting up

There might be chances in which the pilot might stop lighting up. This is a very common problem when the gas supply is delivering and it is proper and the electric spark is also working fine still the pilot doesn’t light up.

The biggest reason for such type of issue can be the accumulation of dust inside the heater. This dust is a very common problem that prevents the pilot from lighting or warming the cold room during harsh weather. This simply means that proper cleaning of your propane heater is very essential and you need to clean it to keep the heater lit and if you want to avoid any kind of hassle or problems in the process of lighting.

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Here is a step by step guide for cleaning your propane heater

  1. The first step which is required is to turn off the gas supply immediately when the lighting doesn’t occur. Give the heater some time before it gets cool and then start cleaning the dust from the eternal parts or surfaces using a soft cloth.
  2. Take a small brush, you can go with a paintbrush and try to remove the dust which is clogged in surfaces that your fingers can’t reach. You can shove the dirt in the right way using gentle pressure on the ignitor and from the burner of the heater.
  3. Now you need to remove the screws and unscrew the heaters cover from the panel from the top side, now take a brush and brush the dirt from the committee, also take care of the first on the internal boards, use warm water to rinse it and then leave it as it is until it gets dry.
  4. Take a small vacuum and try to clean the dirt gently and the internal parts and also brush the dirt accumulated on the oxygen sensor near the tube of the lining.
  5. After you are done cleaning now it’s time to screw everything back to its original place. If you do not know how to do it, you can also take the help of a user manual regarding the placements of the parts.

Pros and Cons of Propane Heat

Propane is a fuel which can be used for various purposes as it is a very versatile fuel and nowadays it has become a very effective alternative of using as oil in heating systems for providing warmth.

People who live on the northern side rely on Propane for heating purposes and it is more often used there. Propane can work out beneficial financially in the long run and it is also good to use and provide heat. Many appliances can run on Propane and if you have enough knowledge you can also convert it to make it useful and use it to its fullest.

I’m here today to tell you everything about propane heaters so covering the fuel that is used in those heaters is also very important. It’s known that everything has its benefits and there isn’t anything that doesn’t also have drawbacks. Propane is very useful but it has its own cons too. Nothing can be perfect and neither is propane. It is very important to analyze everything about the product we are going to use and for that knowing the advantages and disadvantages is the most important part. So let’s have a look at the pros and cons of propane heat.


It’s a clean fuel

Propane is a very clean fuel and it’s not me who is telling you this. It is considered by the government itself. In 1992 the energy policy act stated propane as a clean fuel.

Propane is a fuel that doesn’t harm the environment as other fuel does as it doesn’t emit much greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide or other pollutants like carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides. It is very safe and clean to use. By using propane instead of other fuels you are just taking care of the environment.


Propane is an easily available and very cost-effective fuel. It is generally available at a cheaper rate compared to other types of fuels such as electricity.

This also reduces the cost of maintenance of the product as when it burns it leaves very few residues on the product. Other oils leave a lot of residues which are very difficult to clean once clogged and can also damage the product. This will save you a lot of money on maintenance and replacements.

No monthly bills

If you have your tanks you won’t need to pay extra monthly bills for the propane you only have to pay for refills.

You don’t have any monthly or annual bills to deal with while using Propane tanks. However the first tank purchase can cost you highly.

Provides convenience and efficiency

The appliances that work on propane work really efficiently and it is a very good fuel that will improve the life of your product as it doesn’t damage it.

You can store Propane in your property for more than 40 years in your tanks and as it is stored in a tank it is also very easy to carry making it very portable so you can take it with you.


Propane doesn’t release a lot of greenhouse gases like other fuels and therefore it is very safe to use. There won’t be any risks in using Propane.


Poisoning from Propane

There are certain affects like you might get symptoms that are similar to frostbite if you touch liquid propane.

In case propane gets in your body through inhalation or swallowing you might get affected with propane poisoning the results of which can be dangerous.

Highly flammable

Propane is a highly flammable liquid and it’s the flammability factor that generates heat. This flammability factor is the most important thing as it is what makes propane reliable to use.

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This factor still can be a drawback as if there’s any kind of leak then there might be a very big problem and also result in an explosion.


It is known that propane is available everywhere still there are some places where it needs to be transported.

Storage space

You need a large propane tank if you are looking to heat your home using a heater that uses propane. Therefore availability of large storage space is a general concern.

High pressure

Propane is stored in tanks under high pressure and if there’s any kind of problems to the tanks or any deterioration then there might be huge risks.

Due to high pressure and leakage there might be huge explosions too.

Martin Propane Wall Heater

Martin is a brand that you can rely upon as it provides durable products on which you can surely trust as they will stay with you for a long time.

The machine is of 80000 BTUs which is mainly designed for indoor heating usage. It has a built-in thermostat. It can be directly wall mounted. The thermostat has got a low and high adjustment to control the heat. The installation of this device is very useful as all you need to do is connect the heater to a gas fitter and you are ready.

With this heater you can monitor heat dispersion. It has a direct vent gas heating technology for ensuring safety. It is made up of die-cast aluminum grills.


  • The build quality is impressive
  • 80000 BTUs unit
  • Wall mounting storage
  • Enhanced safety


  • Highly-priced
  • The warranty period is very short

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Mr. Heater Portable Propane Heater

This heater offered by Mr. Heater is probably one of the best heaters out there which is very portable so you can easily move it from your living room to bedroom or kitchen.

Mr. Heater is not a well known brand but it is still making it to our list due to all the features that it has to offer. The heating capacity of this device is very high which is 18000 BTUs that you can control according to your convenience on 3 stages that are 4000, 9000, and 18000 BTUs. This heater can be easily used for a 450 square feet area. It also has three different heating adjustments that are high, low, and medium.

There is an unique system known as automatic low oxygen shut off system which turns the machine off as it senses low oxygen in the surrounding. It’s a very compact option. There are two swivel regulators and also very easy to use products with just 1 knob.


  • It’s a very compact option
  • This product is very portable
  • It has a high heating capacity
  • Easy to use with 1 knob
  • Three heating adjustments


  • The heating area is very small
  • Not good for big rooms

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Dura Heat Propane Heater

Dura Heat has been very popular in the market due to the products that they offer and the durability and reliability they possess. This is the most compact option on this list and also one of the most compact ones on the market.

It is capable of covering a wide area for heating up to 1000 square feet. It is also very safe to use and also has a built-in tip-over shutoff feature that shuts the machine off and prevents any accident from happening due to the improper position of the device. It also has a match light ignition system which stops the machine from accidentally turning on.

It won’t easily rust and it is very durable. It is very safe to use and has a quick-connect L tank connection. The manufacturer also offers a warranty of 1 year.


  • It is a very compact heater
  • It is portable
  • Covers a wide area of 1000 sq. feet
  • It is safe to use


  • Cannot perform adequately if the conditions are too windy
  • Propane tanks are separately sold

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This article explains the right method and the steps you need to perform in case you need to troubleshoot your propane heaters. If you are facing any problems with your propane heaters I have also covered them.

I have mentioned some of the most common issues related to propane heaters and also reviewed some of the best propane heaters available online so that you can check them in case you are thinking of buying a new one. I hope this guide was understandable and now you know how to troubleshoot your propane heaters.