Top Rated 5 Micathermic Heaters

If you are someone who lives in an area that gets harsh weather conditions during the winter then you probably would be looking for a heater someday.

Space heaters are the most opted option when we talk about buying heaters. They are very efficient and work according to our needs. Many modern-day space heaters also come with many safety features. The best thing about space heaters is that they are compact and lightweight.

During winter you might think of buying a heater for your room and this can be a very challenging decision to opt for the best type of heater. You look for efficiency with affordability and I must say that one of the types of heaters that has proven to be very good at these factors is Micathermic heaters. They can easily heat large rooms and spaces and that too efficiently.

There are many other heating systems like radiant heaters and convection heaters but Micathermic heaters have a different mechanism totally and they are very good at what they do. It uses a different form of technology. Unlike other heaters, Micathermic heaters use a mineral known as "mica". This mineral is an excellent conductor of heat and that’s why it can produce a good amount of heat. It is a shiny mineral. This mineral helps the micathermic heater to generate a sufficient amount of heat.

There are many brands with unique features and they all offer some of the best micathermic heaters and that’s why if you don’t know what to look for then this might make things difficult.

Today I am going to review some of the Best Micathermic Heaters that are available online. If you are thinking of buying a micathermic heater to save you from winter then you need to read this article carefully.

DeLonghi HMP1500 Mica Panel Heater

If you are looking for something that can be useful along with some style and design then this heater offered by DeLonghi is what you will like.

It is a very stylish and attractive heater that also performs up to the mark. It has got many features. You will get an adjustable thermostat with two heat settings. These settings are 1500 watts for high temperature and for low temperature it is 750 watts. The 1500 watts are capable of releasing heat up to 5120 BTUs and this can easily heat a large room. It operates very quietly as it doesn’t use any fan.

It has a safety thermal cut off that shuts the heater off in case there is any kind of tip over or overheating. This is a very safe heater. It comes with different lights like power and caution indicator. This heater won’t take a lot of your room space as it is very slim and it can also be easily carried due to the lightweight. You can also mount it on the wall as it has an option for it. You get a comfortable handle for carrying this heater.

This is a perfect heater for large rooms and it can provide sufficient heat with an affordable price tag. You can use it in the bedroom, office, living room or anywhere you love to.


  • Adjustable thermostat with two heat settings
  • Many safety features
  • Comfortable handle
  • Lightweight and slim
  • Wall mounting option
  • Silent operation


  • Produces a faint smell
  • The overheat sensor is quite sensitive

You can check its price here

TURBRO Arcade’ HR1015 Portable Micathermic Flat-Panel

This space heater is one of the best and most loved micathermic heaters available in the market. It provides quality warmth. It makes use of mature heating technology for this.

Along with mica it also uses silicone crystals for producing heat which. This heat feels like you are taking sunlight in the morning. It’s therefore termed as a quality warm heater. You will also get a thermostat that is adjustable so that you can choose according to your needs. Two heat settings are high and low. The highest setting can reach up to 1500 watts that is capable of producing heat of 5100 BTUs.

The high setting is capable of warming a large room of around 160 square feet easily. It is an energy-efficient heater and it saves a lot of energy and makes use of only 120 volts maximum. The heater is very simple to operate and also comes with an LED display so that you can easily know what’s happening. This heater operates quietly and doesn’t produce much sound which can be disturbing while working or watching movies.

It won’t dry the air as it doesn’t use oxygen or cause the water to get heated or evaporated while working. The portability factor of this heater is very good as you get four caster wheels along with two handles for carrying it. It is also very lightweight. It has automatic shut-off and tip-over protection features making it a very safe option. It comes with a warranty of one year.

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  • Produces heat instantly
  • You get an adjustable thermostat
  • There are two heating settings
  • Very portable
  • Comes with safety features
  • Easy storage
  • Certified by ETL


  • Wheels might snap if you aren’t careful
  • Suitable for small rooms
  • Emits some kind of smell in the beginning

You can check its price here

Soleus HM5-15-30 Air Wall-Mountable Micathermic Heater

This is a compact option for those who do not have much space inside their room. This can be easily mounted on a wall or kept on the floor however the user would love to.

If you are going to use it on the ground then it has got easy to roll casters along with a handle for portability. If you are thinking of mounting this efficient heating system on the wall then the manufacturer has also provided an installation kit. This way you can use this heater according to your preference.

It is a very lightweight product with a slim and stylish design. The weight of the product is around 6 pounds. If you buy this riddle you will get two heating settings for convenience. It can easily cover an area of 150 square feet and when it works it does not create any kind of disturbance by making a sound. This is a very quiet heater. It is a very safe heater with all the necessary safety features like tip-over safety and auto shut off feature.

These features can help prevent any kind of mishaps from happening. It can shut down the heater whenever it senses any kind of overheating or imbalance in the heater.


  • It comes with two heat settings that can provide convenience and comfort
  • It is energy efficient and saves a lot of electricity and money
  • It does not make any kind of sound and works silently
  • It is very beautiful and stylish
  • Lightweight and portable
  • It is very safe to use with all the necessary safety features


  • It’s a small heater that is only suitable for small rooms
  • There is no adjustable thermostat present

You can buy it from here

Homeleader Mica Heater

This is a multifunctional heater that is not only capable of warming up the rooms but can also dry your socks and clothes.

It has two airers that can help in drying small clothes. If you buy this heater then you will get an adjustable thermostat with two heat settings so that you can select the settings of the heat as per your preference. These two heat settings are 1500 watts at the highest setting and low temperature, it is 900 watts.

This heater can easily warm up a room of large size up to 15 to 20 square meters. You need to adjust the thermostat by using a knob that is present at the side as you won’t get an option of remote control. You also get an anti- dump switch power function and also an overheat protection feature for safety concerns.

There is a landing pulley design at the bottom of both sides which is durable and this helps in easily moving the heater from one room to another. This heater is also easy to store as it has cord storage.


  • It is very easy to assemble
  • An adjustable thermostat present
  • Two heating settings
  • Good safety features
  • Portable and can be moved easily
  • Affordable price tag


  • The thermostat sometimes doesn’t work properly
  • You do not get a remote control and it cannot be mounted on the wall.

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Bionaire Silent Micathermic Console Heater

This can be one of the best heaters among all as it is capable of warming up your room quickly and swiftly as it makes use of both radiant and convection heat to operate.

You’ll get an adjustable thermostat that features two heat settings. This will provide you with all the comfort that you are going to require. You can change the settings as per your requirement. This heater is extremely safe with all the necessary features a heater needs. It comes with an overheating protection feature and tip-over safety feature. That turns off the heater as soon as there’s any problem like imbalance or overheating.

This is a very lightweight heater which makes it very portable. For the movement of this heater, the manufacturer has kept in mind to add wheels along with a large handle which makes it very easy for someone to move it from one room to another. This heater warms up the room efficiently and is capable of warming up large spaces.


  • This heater works quickly and uses radiant and convection heat
  • Ideal for large rooms
  • It is lightweight and portable
  • Adjustable thermostat with two heat settings
  • Very simple to assemble


  • The thermostat is incapable of indicating the current temperature
  • The indicator light doesn’t turn off which can be irritating

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Benefits of Micathermic heaters

There are many benefits of using a micathermic heater and before purchasing any kind of heater it is very important to know what it can offer and how good it can be.

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Below mentioned are some of the advantages of using a micathermic heater.

Efficient performance

The performance of the micathermic heater is up to the mark. They are very efficient as they can heat a large room very quickly and they only use a little amount of electricity for doing this.

In a usual heating system, the mechanism works in a way that warms up the objects that are near or close to the heater. Once all the objects are heated then the heat is emitted but in a micathermic heater, the electromagnetic waves heat the people and the objects at the same time so it doesn’t take much time to provide warmth. After this it also shuts down immediately after reaching the temperature quickly and this way it saves energy. The efficiency factor increases due to this.

Suitable for everyone

The biggest concern in most of the other heating systems is that they heat the air and while doing this the air loses moisture. This makes the air dry although there’s sufficient heat.

Using a micathermic heater this won’t be the case as the air retains moisture. Radiant heaters also do the same but the difference is that they aren’t suitable for larger rooms. Micathermic heaters warm up the objects and the people around while it doesn’t heat the air. It also doesn’t blow particles into the air. When the air becomes dry due to other kinds of heaters many people can find it difficult to breathe and can cause problems to the respiratory system.

Works quietly

The biggest complaint with other kinds of heaters is that they make a lot of noise while they work and they can disturb you a lot.

This is generally the case when the heater works using a fan. When the blades rotate they make a lot of noise. Unlike other heaters, a micathermic heater works silently. They do not make use of a fan instead they make use of a mineral known as mica. They do not make any noise and do not disturb them when you are working in your office or at home.


Micathermic heaters save a lot of money as they are economical in both ways: money and energy.

They work efficiently because they use a mica stone to generate heat and don’t have any kind of blower fan that’s why a little amount of energy is used when they operate. As these heaters tend to heat the room very quickly they also use less electricity. As soon as the prescribed temperature is reached by the heater it turns off.


Micathermic heaters are very lightweight and portable because they do not have many components.

They have a really simple mechanism and it helps them to generate heat. They have a similar design as other radiators but the radiators that are filled with oil are substantial.

Very safe to use

Micathermic heaters are one of the safest heaters around. All heaters are made by keeping safety features in mind.

Other heaters might get very hot and can also cause possibilities of fire hazards but micathermic heaters have a very small element that gets hot and it is not as hot as any other elements. It only has to heat the mica stone and therefore these heaters are very safe to use. They also come with many safety features and designs that make them reliable and safe.

Things to consider and look for while buying a Micathermic Heater

It is important to carefully evaluate certain factors before purchasing any kind of product. This is certainly because if you want to receive the value of money you will need to buy something that matches your expectations.

Many brands offer different micathermic heaters and they all have some specialty that makes them unique. You need to keep in mind certain things that will help you shape your decision-making for opting out the best product that suits you out of them. I have prepared this buying guide for micathermic heaters and mentioned some of the most important factors that need to be considered while making a purchase.


The thermostat plays a very important role to provide convenience to users. It is a very important component in any heater. The main function of a thermostat is to regulate the temperature inside the heater.

If the prescribed temperature is reached by the heater the thermostat senses it and turns the heater off and when the temperature again falls it turns on the heater again. You should go for models that have a built-in thermostat. It is a very important function that can make things comfortable. This will also add a layer of safety. A thermostat may also offer multiple heating settings that will allow you to set the temperature according to your preference.

Size of the room

Before purchasing a micathermic heater it is very crucial to keep in mind the size of the room for which you are making this purchase.

It is suggested to look for the size of the room as it would later be a big regret if you get something too big or too small. Micathermic heaters are suitable for large rooms and therefore room size plays a crucial role here. If you have a small room then these heaters might overheat the room and it can also be the possible harm to the heater itself. In such cases, you can try adding some ventilations to your room, and this way you can improve the efficiency of the heater.

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The design of a product is necessary to check. If you are buying something then it must resemble your personality and also add some beauty to the room.

You also need to keep in mind the design of the heater while buying it. It mainly depends on the space that you have got available in your room. Many micathermic heaters are the same as a radiator and there are modern ones that look like a flat T.v. you also get an option for mounting on the wall in some heater and this will help you save the space on the floor. If you want something lightweight with style and also a wall mounting option then the flat screen ones are the most suitable.

Safety features

While buying a heater it is always going to be very important to check for safety features. In modern-day heaters, almost every heater has got safety functionalities. You need to check for these features as they will be very useful to prevent hazards.

Safety features are going to be very crucial in case you have got pets and children at your place. You must look for features like overheating protection, tip-over protection, automatic shutoff feature, etc.


Durability implies the strength of a material. It is said that the product is robust as it can work repeatedly without any failure for a long time.

The longevity of the micathermic heater is important so you can not waste your cash and buy a space heater again and again. The reliability factor all adds up to the components and settings and how you use and work with the heater. To stick with you, look for stuff that is nice enough for a long time. If you want to make sure the micathermic heater works for a long time, choose one that is made of good and durable materials.

Efficient heat distribution

The main function of the heater is to provide heat and it should be able to do that.

The space heater you are paying for should be one that provides effective distribution of heat across the room, or at least where you need it. The specifics of how much area the heater covers in terms of heating are safe.


Prices are a very significant consideration and should always be taken into account. For something which is not worth the price, one should not pay.

To decide what price you should pay and what the ideal price tag for the heater is, you should look at the reliability factor, the characteristics, and the efficiency of the heater. It is not always important to pay the right price, but it is also crucial to pay the right price for the right product.

Difference Between Micathermic and Oil-filled Radiators

When we talk about micathermic heaters and oil-filled radiators, both of them almost work on the same mechanism. Both of these types of heaters generally make use of radiant heat.

They also tend to use the convection heating method. This simply tells us that they combine both methods and they are radiant plus convection heaters. One more thing about these two similar heaters is that they do not produce much noise when they work. They both work silently. However when you make a detailed comparison then oil-filled radiators make a little noise.

They do not use fans or blowers and that is the reason they do not spread any allergens or dust particles. They both are almost similar in every aspect but there are some aspects where micathermic wins the race.

Micathermic heaters are more lightweight compared to oil-filled radiators which makes them extra portable. This is because oil filled radiators have oil inside which makes them bulky and micathermic heaters are slim in design. Another aspect is that the micathermic heater doesn’t take much time in heating the room and it starts working as soon as the heater is turned on. The mic elements are very fast in heating the room.

Oil-filled heaters take a little longer to heat up and they also need oil that’s why one needs to spend extra for oil. Micathermic heaters are cost-effective.


Micathermic heaters are one of the best heating solutions on a cold winter day. They are cost-effective and also warm up the room very quickly. They are also very safe to use and come with an affordable price tag.

This article outlined in detail some of the best micathermic heaters that are available in the market. I shortlisted these efficient heaters through some good research. I have also mentioned a buying guide to help you make a sound decision regarding micathermic heaters. I hope this article was useful and you have changed your mind and now you are going to buy a micathermic heater that is best for you.